Prayer For Divorce Healing

Jesus, I pray that I always offer forgiveness, four hundred and ninety times a day, if needed (Matthew 18:2122, KJV). As I pursue peace, let me, with love, set my gaze forward. I wish to offer the gift of forgiveness wholeheartedly, without reservation. Let me remember all humanity is flawed. Cause me to allow for people's differences and not allow any vindictiveness to fester within. Help me not to hate [my] brother in [my] heart' (Leviticus 19:17, KJV). If I hate, I cannot live a wholehearted life. It affects my salvation, my health, and my well-being. Let me look to heroes of the faith, like Joseph who forgave his brothers for the atrocities they committed against him. When Joseph could have punished his brothers, he chose forgiveness and love instead. Help me to see that inflicting pain on others never soothes my wounds. I pray that I exhibit Your grace, mercy, and forgiveness in adversity. May all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from [me], along with all malice' (Ephesians 4:31, ESV). Help me put bitterness far from me. May I humble myself through forgiveness just like You did, Jesus. I look to You as I move forward. In Jesus name, amen.

O loving and creating God, bless families hurting with the pain of separation and divorce. We know that when two people are married, they mean it for life. Yet, at times, with some people, and in some very complex situations, it just doesn't happen that way.

Give peace and courage to all who have experienced the disruption caused by divorce or separation. Help them to accept their feelings of rejection, loneliness and grief.

Help them, above all, to believe in Your presence, and to believe in the Church as a source of strength and compassion.

Help all of us to be sensitive to emotional, spiritual and physical needs of children who have divorced or separated parents. Enable us to reach out in love. May our priests be aware of the pain of separated and divorced parishioners and always welcome them in parish spiritual and social activities.

Especially we pray, O God, that as we continue to recognize Jesus in the "breaking of the bread", we will carry Jesus with us and reach out to all our separated and divorced families with love, compassion and understanding. Amen.

Lord, today I come to you with a broken heart. My relationship has ended with my spouse. I never thought it would happen to me. It seemed to happen to others but I never dreamed I would be there one day. Lord, today I offer you all the broken pieces of my heart, my soul, my body and my mind.

Lord, I feel tired, hurt, angry, bitter and confused. Please take me in your arms and rock me like a baby. Soothe my heart, heal my mind and emotions. Lord, please touch every part of me that aches. Bathe me in your Balm of Gilead. Let your healing touch flow to the inner most part of my wounds. Don't let this anger and bitterness grow. Replace them with joy, peace and comfort.

Lord, it is so hard for me to trust. But Lord, you have never left me, betrayed me or forsaken me. In time Lord, help me to begin to trust others. Send people into my life that will honor me, encourage me and help me walk this new path that I am on. Be the Lover of my soul. Be my friend. Be my hope. Be my strength. Be my sustenance. Be my daily bread. When I am alone, comfort me. When I am tired, strengthen me. When I am hurting, heal me.

Lord, I cannot forgive. A part of me doesn't want to. But Lord I ask that you would forgive my ex-spouse through me. I allow your love and forgiveness to flow through me. I am willing to be a channel of your mercy and grace. Lord, you know my needs physical, financial and spiritual. Give me all the riches of you. Let me never feel empty.

In Jesus name I pray.

Dear Lord Jesus, I am sad that I have had to go though the sadness of a divorce, and pray that You will comfort me.
Thank You, that no matter what has happened and what I may face in the future, You are always there to lead and to comfort, to help and to provide. Thank You, that You know all the ins and outs, the ups and the downs of our various lives.
Father, I am Your child and I place my life anew into Your hands. I ask that You grant me the grace to foster a loving heart of forgiveness, the comfort to still my anxious heart and the strength to keep on keeping on through this sad and difficult time of divorce.
Strengthen my heart I pray, and enable me to get on with my life with You at the helm of my little boat. Give me wisdom to trust You to beautify my inner heart, so that it does not harbor any bitterness or jealousy.
I ask this is the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for me on Calvary's tree. In Whose name I pray,