Prayer For Deliverance For Your Son

Lord hear my prayer for my son. I believe in you for all things I have witnessed many miracles in my life. Just in case my faith in you has any doubt please increase my faith. I need you to heal my son of these seizures which he has had since child birth.

I have taken him to many doctors, I have prayed so long and I have fasted for him as well. I don't know if I fasted long enough or prayed too short or what, but I believe your word. According to the bible the book of Mark beginning about the 9th chapter where it talks about the parents who had the son just like mine, you healed him and delivered him.

You told the deciples that this kind comes by prayer and fasting. I'm not sure what you meant as far as how long to pray and fast. Lord please help my son! You have shown me mercy and grace time and time again, and I have seen the miracles in my life as well as others.

I know you are the Son of our Father and I know all things are possible with you. That is why I am asking you and not man to heal my son. In Jesus name, amen signed Joy mother of son