Prayer For Deliverance From Anger

Father, if this spirit of anger is an in-born, take it away from me, in the name of Jesus.

O God forgive me of my sins that I have committed especially in the areas of anger, in Jesus name

Loving Father and heavenly Lord, I know that prayer is simply the breath of helplessness being nourished on the bosom of the Father. And so Lord, I come to You lifting up the many men and women that have such a struggle with the bitterness and anger that lurks deep within their soul, and who are helpless to deal with this disease without You Lord.

Father, You alone are the one that can address their need and sever the root of their anger, for it is only as one abides in Christ that the fruit of His Holy Spirit can grow and displace the ugliness of anger and bitterness within.

Bring those that do not know the Lord Jesus as Saviour into a saving faith in Him, so that they can know that their sins are forgiven forever and that You paid the price of all. And for those that know You as Saviour, I pray that they come to understand that it is only as we yield to Your Spirit and admit our inabilities to deal with the fruit of evil in our heart, that You will guide us into the paths of righteousness, unforgiveness and love.


Sovereign Lord, bring peace to my mind and my heart as I feel angry at the situation I am in. May I take hold of your promise that you will never leave me nor forsake me. In whatever circumstances I face that produce anger in my heart, remind me that you have not left my side and you never will. When you are with me I can trust you to fight my battles, I do not need to allow anger to take control. Give me your peace Father, may it rule over my life. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Everlasting God, your peace surpasses all my understanding. When anger rises within me, please calm my mind and soothe my heart with your gentle words. Fill my whole life with your perfect peace. May my personality be shaped by your peace rather than my frustration. With your Holy Spirit in my life, I can overcome anger. May I reflect your character, being slow to anger and rich in steadfast love. Look upon me and cause your face to shine upon me. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

O'Lord forgive the outbursts of anger in my heart and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness, for which I praise Your name, examine me and root out all that is not pleasing in Your sight

O'Lord I confess all my anger and bitterness and know that when I allow this to surface in my heart it breaks the fellowship we have together.

Thank you Jesus for who you are. Thank you Jesus for loving me. Dear, Lord Jesus please forgive me of all my sins so I can pray with a clean heart, and I forgive everyone who hurt me and i bless them in Jesus name amen. Anger!! death!! destruction!! leviathan spirit! I renounce you!! I come out of agreement with you now and forever you have no authority over me i am free from you in Jesus strong name amen. Spirit of fear!! I rebuke you!! I will not Fear. fear is not of faith i have GREAT FAITH , and you will obey me. GO!! To the pit now in Jesus name spirit of Anger!! All
unclean spirits working with anger, animosity, choler, rage, gall, hatred, Resentment, temper, indignation, wrath, Violence, murder, cruelty, bitterness, spite, Unforgiveness, retaliation, revenge, outrage, Hostility, enmity, & foolishness!! I Command you to come out of me now in Jesus name I REBUKE YOU !!! Go from me now to where the lord Jesus sends you in Jesus strong name amen you no longer have a place in me. Anger!! and his helpers will leave me Now!! In Jesus name amen. Thank you Jesus for healing me . and i receive my healing in Jesus name amen. holy spirit fill me up fill the voids in me continue to use me and set me free in Jesus name, amen