Prayer For Deacons Meeting

Lord Jesus Christ, Servant of all,

Send your Spirit upon [our deacons and their wives] as [they] serve your Church.

Give [them] eyes to see the needs of your people.

Give [them] a discerning mind to know your truth.

Give [them] a generous spirit when [they are] tired but needed.

Give [them] a humble heart when [their] work goes unnoticed.

Give [them] peace of mind in obedience and service.

Give [them] health of body so [they] may serve with strength.

Make [them] fertile ground for your inspiration and love.

Comfort [them] when [they] question [themselves and their] ministry.

Grant [them] grace as [they] age so [they] may share your wisdom.

Make [their] heart[s] like yours so [they] may love your people.


Lord Jesus Christ, Servant of all,

Send your Spirit upon me as I serve your Church.

Give me eyes to see the needs of your people.

Give me a discerning mind to know your truth.

Give me a generous spirit when I am tired but needed.

Give me a humble heart when my work goes unnoticed.

Give me peace of mind in obedience and service.

Give me health of body so I may serve with strength.

Make me fertile ground for your inspiration and love.

Comfort me when I question myself and my ministry.

Grant me grace as I age so I may share your wisdom.

Make my heart like yours so I may love your people.


Mighty God, everything you do reveals your glory and majesty. Open our eyes to see what you are doing in our lives. Let us marvel at your good gifts and your wise provision. Your acts are amazing Lord. We can not comprehend the number of blessings you pour out on us from day to day. As we gather today around your name, we pray that you would fill our hearts, our minds and our souls. Transform us Lord, and make us more like you. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Merciful God and Father, you have not only declared that we will always have the poor with us, but have also commanded us to support them in their need. You have ordained the service of deacons for your church, in order that the needy members may receive the necessary support. You have called us to the office of deacon in this congregation, and we are now assembled in your name to deal with the matters pertaining to our office. We humbly implore you to dwell among us with the Spirit of discretion. Grant us his help, that we may be able to establish who are the ones that are truly in need. Lead us to them and help us to distribute the offerings that have been collected in a spirit of joy, fidelity, and liberality.

Kindle fervent love for the needy in the hearts of your people, that they may generously contribute to them as your stewards. Grant us sufficient means to bring relief to the needy. May we discharge the duties of our office as Christ's ministers of mercy.

Give us your grace to relieve needs by means of material gifts and to instill the comfort of your holy Word into the hearts of the afflicted, that they may put their trust in you alone. Bless, we pray, our work of mercy that we all may praise and thank you, while we await the blessed appearance of your Son, Jesus Christ, who became poor for our sakes that he might enrich us with eternal treasures.

In his name we pray. Amen.


As we gather together, we praise You for this day and Your purpose for it. Reset our agendas, as we sit in Your presence. For You assure us that where two or more gather in Your name You are here. Recalibrate our intentions and refocus our hearts. Your will for our lives does not always reflect our plans. Change them to reflect Your will. Help us to understand that we don't need full clarity to walk into the unique purpose You've inlaid in our lives.

Lift our eyes to seek You first today, and always, surrendering our need to achieve, understand, and be known. Shift our perspective to seek Your peace above all else. In every situation we ponder in our daily lives, let the Holy Spirit translate Your commands. Give us renewed strength and godly courage to obey You without questioning. Forgive us for striving beyond our means, worrying, and forcing results.

Only You know what lies ahead. You are our good Father, just and righteous. Though our circumstances will be unfair from time to time in this life, You are always our unwavering protector and shield (Psalm 3:3). Keep the words of King David fresh in our minds, and renew our hearts to the tune of Your truth.I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me. Psalm 3:5 NIV Let Your peace rain down on us today, as we seek You more than anything else.

In Jesus' Name,



Praise You for this event, and Your purpose for it. We know that when we gather together, You always have a divine agenda. We love You for that, Father. That even when we have done what You have asked, the results are so much greater than we ever could have imagined. Even in failed attempts, You blow us away with Your faithfulness to provide what we need.

Our prayer today is that Your will be done through this event. Take what we have prepared and multiply our efforts as only You can. Steer our intentions to align with Your righteous will. Remind us of Your faithful provision when our efforts fail us or fall short. May all glory go up to You when we reach the finish line and climb over benchmarks. Blanket us with Your peace today, Father. Keep us physically safe and guard our hearts and minds from pride and selfishness. Keep love at the forefront of our minds today, and the guiding light for all we set out to accomplish and celebrate.

In Jesus' Name,


Thank You for every seat that has been filled here, today. For each mind and heart that fills the presence of this room, we thank You. Only You truly know what we are setting out to accomplish today. We have an idea, a vision, hints, and daily instructions. We have talents, abilities, and time to work. However, only You can see in perfect detail the end of every beginning. Every project, every season, every life. Nothing is ever in vain, for even mistakes and missteps are used for good.

Your righteousness transcends all our efforts and understanding. Forgive us for our pride. The pride that puffs us up and the pride that threatens to unqualify us. Strengthen our confidence in who You have made us to be. Set us free from comparison in order to work together efficiently.

Bless this meeting today, all those present, as well as the lives of those we will encounter afterward. Ready us to make every moment count.

In Jesus' Name,

Loving heavenly Father,
We come to you this hour asking for your blessing and help as we are gathered together.
We pray for guidance in the matters at hand and ask that you would clearly show us how to
conduct our work with a spirit of joy and enthusiasm.
Give us the desire to find ways to excel in our work. Help us to work together and encourage
each other to excellence.
We ask that we would challenge each other to reach higher and farther to be the best we can be.
We ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.