Prayer For Congregation

Thank you God for everything under us;
for these chairs on which we sit,
for this church's firm foundation,
for the soil with its burrowing animals and insects,
for the rock down under that, layered by the sea in ancient times,
for the water that flows in subterranean channels far beneath us,
and for the miles upon miles of bedrock,
(unknown and unexplored by all but you),
all the way down to the living heat of our planet,
the molten rock deep in the heart of the earth.

Thank you God for everything above us;
for this solid roof which shelters us,
for the wind swirling and birds soaring skyward,
for the airplanes and clouds high above,
for the upper atmosphere and the stratosphere,
for satellites orbiting, for meteors whizzing,
for the moon and the planets of our solar system,
for asteroids and comets and supernovae and black holes,
for galaxy upon galaxy stretching away into the vastness of space.

The wide span of your work is a mystery we cannot fathom.
You are above us, you are beneath us, God of creation!
We pause now in silence as you hear our confessions and concerns:
Thank you that even though we are so small in the scheme of things,
you hear our prayers, you answer our prayers.
Bless our church, and help us to be people who point others to you,
help us to be a faithful part of your big picture. Amen.

Your Spirit awakens the souls of young people and leads them to seek a greater purpose in life. Help us to nurture the faith of those who are trying to find out what their life will be all about. Hear us, O God.
C Your mercy is great.

Dear Lord,

Our congregation is struggling so much. The ones who are leading are exhausted because they are being stretched so far. I pray that You will convict others to rise up and help lead. We need more worship leaders, teachers, greeters and other positions to be filled. Lord, so many want to be fed the Word of God but they won't raise a hand to help carry the flock. I pray that You will bring about a passion in the hearts of those who are sitting by idly knowing that they could be doing something to grow and nurture the church. I pray for strength for the ones that are giving so much to keep the church running. Be with them, Father. Amen

Dear Father In Heaven,

I can't say enough words to thank You for the men you've placed in pastoral roles in my church. I pray that You would continue to mold them into the children You have called them to be. Grow their intellect. Empower them to be bold. Give them peace in the midst of difficult sermons to preach. Lead them Father, as they continue to lead the congregation for You! Lord, You are sovereign over all things and I pray that You will open the hearts of this congregation as our leaders lead us in song and sermon. Thank You for them, Father! Amen

Great God: our community gathers in spirit
through the marvels of technology to give thanks together.
Thank you for medical professionals and staff
who work so faithfully in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes
give them strength, courage and personal protective equipment.
Thank you for the diligence of scientists working on a vaccine,
and the way so many have ramped up the production of essential supplies.
Thank you for storekeepers and clerks,
farmers and truck drivers,
police officers, firefighters
and all who show up to work every day in essential services.
Thank you for those who care for children in close quarters,
and all the creativity and patience they are showing.
There is so much to be thankful for,
we pause here to lift up our own silent prayer of thanks.

We come to you with many needs today.
Hear our prayer for those who are sick with this virus
ease their suffering and restore them to health.
Hear our prayer for those who are grieving,
who bury their loved ones without the comfort of funerals,
or the physical presence of family and friends.
Hear our prayer for the unemployed
and business owners in this time of financial insecurity
help them survive this economic downturn.
Hear our prayer for children whose routines are disrupted
and who long to play sports and visit playgrounds
show them how to have fun inside.
We pray for vulnerable people everywhere,
especially refugees, and people in war-torn countries
who have no access to medical care.
we need a miracle to spare them from this virus.
Finally, hear our prayer for public health officials around the world--
give them wisdom as they make decisions to reduce fatalities.
This week, when we are tempted
to dwell only on our own loneliness,
help us reach out to others,
being the community we long to have.
Thank you for showing us new ways to be the church,
the church alive, vibrant and witnessing to the risen Christ
in times like these.

Gracious God:
We are the church united as we pray from different locations,
connected through something more marvellous than technology--
your Spirit filling us with hope and vision.
We come first of all with thanksgiving.
Thank you for the many kindnesses we have experienced
in this time of social distancing: old friends reconnecting,
some households learning about togetherness,
others learning new quieter rhythms.
Thank you for the joy of food and the beauty of music.
Thank you for this spring-time season
which is lifting us with its promise of new life.
Even as there is much to be thankful for,
we come together with lament;
this virus has caused so much loss of life around the world.
So many suffer, so many families grieve,
and we don't know when it will end.
We lament the financial burdens of this pandemic,
and that it has fallen heavily on the poorest,
with inequalities standing out more sharply than usual.
We know that racism is one of the roots of injustice,
and that the death of George Floyd is just an example
of the everyday violence people of colour face.
There are those among us who suffer because of racism,
and there are those among us who haven't thought about racism
because it is the privileged air we breathe.
As we work on solving health problems,
help us build a society that addresses injustice.
We continue to pray for a vaccine for this virus.
Give insight to researchers, and co-operation among nations,
so that all can benefit from scientific breakthroughs.
Give wisdom to our politicians making difficult decisions
about how and when to modify social distancing.
Help them find that fine balance between opening our economy
and safeguarding public health.
Keep us healthy and help us care for each other.
As we all make choices about who to see,
and how many we should see at a time,
help us refrain from judging each other,
just as we do not want to be judged by others.
Jesus, walk with us this week.
We trust in you, because you have been with us,
showing us the faithful path in good times and bad,
and you will be with us, come what may. Amen.

Dear Lord, your word is living and active in the church, in our worship and in our spiritual discernment. By your Spirit, give us the will to leave behind the things that hold us back from following you and serving others. Lord, in your mercy,
C hear our prayer.

Dear Lord,

We lift your name high today, like a blanket of praise,
Thank you that you cover and embrace a fallen world.
Thank you for this grace, that flows endlessly to us each day.
Lord, we celebrate your love,
As we lay our burdens down at the foot of the cross.
Thank you that we can breathe in resurrection life,
Thank you that we are fully redeemed and restored.

Lord, today we drink in once again the hope of eternal life
And the promise of heaven.

Thank you for your presence.