Prayer For Church Anniversary

Our loving Father who is in heaven, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to see this special occasion in our church as we mark this year anniversary,

Thank you for your love and care, we give you honor and glory for the provision that you have granted us to congregate here and share the love the you have given us.

You gave us authority to represent you on earth and want to take this chance to say thank you for everything,

Thank you for the programs that is ahead of us and the visitors and facilitators that you have sent to us.

Be with us as we begin and may you Holy Spirit guide us from now until we finish for we ask and believe in the name of our Lord Jesus.


Our Lord who is in heaven,
Thank you for the opportunity you have given us this morning as a church,
We are here to worship and glorify you Lord,
what a joy in our hearts that you have granted us,
As we begin this service of the day
Honor and glory be unto you,
You have brought us from near and far so that we can have a fellowship as we start this event,
The event that is very important in our church,
As we remember the far you have brought us,
We thank you our God,
May all this happen through the name of Jesus you have given us,

Our everlasting Father who is in heaven,

What a gracious morning that you have given us,

To gather here and bring glory unto you,

We want to thank you in a special way for the tender care granted to us,

You have kept safe until we have met in this manner,

We have joy in our hearts because you are a loving God,

As you we start this commemoration of our church,

We want to remember your goodness and faithfulness granted to us as a church,

Lord of Lords may you continue revealing yourself to us,

Your mercies are upon and thank you God.

As we start this service of today, we invite the Holy spirit to abide with us

And may you guide and protect us until we finish,

Thank you Lord for hearing and answering our prayers for we pray

And trusting in the name of our Lord Jesus,


Our dear and loving Father who is in heaven,
We want to thank you for this beautiful morning you have granted us to see this day that we have never seen in our lives.
It is a great privilege to have see this day and we give you glory and honor,
We want to thank you for the visitors who have traveled from far and wide to come and join us in our church for this anniversary we are having,
May you bless their homes and keep on providing their needs as you meet them at their point of need.
May the angels ministers to us as you bind us with cords of love that can never be broken.
Thank you for hearing us and answering our prayers in Jesus name.

Our dear and heavenly Father who is in heaven,

We want to thank you this morning for allowing us to see this day,

We want to thank you for guiding us and protecting us from the evil one

Honor and glory be unto you Lord,

For being faithful to us always,

You have granted us your mercies that has enabled us to feel your presence here today,

This is a special day in our church today,

Whereby we are marking an occasion,

We are looking back and being grateful for your faithfulness

You have helped us to achieve what the church has today,

We have grown spiritually,

It is for your honor and glory

God be praised and may you be glorified forever

Thank you Lord for all that you have done to us

This anniversary marks the beginning of another year in this church,

The year of the Lord

You have promised to be with us always,

And you have said that you will never leave us nor forsake us,

Thank you Lord for the promises,

As we begin the service and the programs

God be with us as you have said

Now and forever more

For we ask in the name of the Lord Jesus

We believe,


Our dear loving Father who is in heaven,

The creator of heaven and earth,

We come before you through the name of Jesus Christ that you have given us,

We have gathered here as a church to celebrate a special occasion in our church,

We want to thank you for being faithful to us,

You have led us this far and we are grateful from our hearts

Honor and glory to you Holy Father

We praise you and glorify you for everything that you have given us

As we start the programs of the day

We are asking you Father that you guide us and be with us till we finish

May your mercies be upon us and thank you Lord for that

May your Holy name be glorified for ever and ever in Jesus name we pray and believe.


Here is an opening prayer to give during the church anniversary celebration.

Our dear loving father

Thank you in a special way for the provision of time

thank you for the love and thank you for the grace

thank you for enabling us to see this anniversary and as we start the programme of the day.

we want to thank you for the Holy Spirit that is guiding us today

and may thy will continue being manifested today and forever


When you offer the church anniversary prayer. Remember the Holy Spirit of God is guiding.

You can pray this prayer.

Our heavenly father,King of Kings through the name of Jesus Christ

We are privileged to be here today as a church and we want to glorify

and praise your name because you are our God

As we start the celebrations of today to mark this anniversary in our church. We want to thank you for your guidance and help that is coming to us through Jesus Christ.

May your will in Jesus Christ be upon us for we ask in the name of Jesus Christ.