Prayer For Child Taking Exam

Lord, I pray that you baptize her with the spirit that seeks after righteousness and make his horn exalted above that of his contemporaries in Jesus name.

Standing on the promise of God, the Lord will grant unto you wisdom that beats anyone in your age group; you will chart a path for success in the family and department in Jesus name.

The name of my child as well as the exam number will not get mixed up with any candidate marked for failure in Jesus name.

The comforting and assured presence of God will be over all the examiners and none of the little children's paper will be marked during his bad mood in Jesus name.

The evil testimony of missing script or missing grade we reject in Jesus name.

Father, into your able hands we commit our daughter as she prepares for the forthcoming examination. Take absolute control over it all now and after the examination.
Bless her with wisdom beyond her natural understanding. As she prepares for the exams, we pray that the wisdom of God will come to rest over her, help her to stay focus and understand the work presented to them. Amen.

My confession is that my children are versed with the same measure of heavenly touch that makes them out in every form of learning; have a good sense of judgement and finds knowledge as a companion.
You are the same God who anointed the three Hebrew children with that which could be termed a divine absorption of understanding in all forms of knowledge and wisdom, I pray you make them excel in all forms of academic conquest.
I thank you, Lord, for the success in advance. Amen.

Your peace is a sure and unfailing anchor from the anxiety and stress that comes with exam. Beyond the place of understanding your peace stands out and that is my earnest desire for my kid during the exam period particularly at this period in time.
All my fears I lay before you, at the foot of the cross I have come to place them that you might take absolute control. All the nagging concerns, worries and plaguing fears that assault my mine over concerns of failure over his performance at the exam I ask that you take total control.
Thank you for the assured success.