Prayer For A Wayward Child

Divine Protector, I am brokenhearted and baffled by the destructive decisions my son is making. Lord, I pray that my son will see Jesus clearly, as He actually is, and let him be drawn to the truth. Lord, help me to keep the communications open, to let him know he is loved by me, and more importantly, by You. May Your love draw him back. Amen.

Gracious God, I come to You in intercession for my son who has strayed into a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol and other vices. Bring him to his senses, I pray, and enable him to see the emptiness of it all. Bring some Christians into his path who demonstrate a lively and joyful faith, and will intrigue him to return to the faith of his childhood. May he come to that intersection in his life and turn toward You. Amen.

Faithful One, I bring to You my son who has succumbed to addictions. I feel so disappointed and frustrated. When I am communicating with him, help me avoid being accusing or judgmental or critical. Help me to know when and how to appropriately intervene. Help my son to realize the negative consequences of his substance abuse. Show me how to assist him to get the help he needs. Amen.

God of Mercy, my son has gone astray please lead him back. Help me to know the difference between helping him and enabling him in irresponsible behavior. Help me to respond appropriately when he is rude, manipulative, or demanding. Lord, I entrust him to Your care. I lean on You and Your grace. Draw him to Yourself and out of this season of straying. Amen.

Everlasting Father, I'm frequently dismayed by the poor decisions my son is making. He's wasting his potential and his opportunities and derailing a healthy and productive life. Help me remember that it's never too late for redemption. Help me to know when to offer constructive suggestions and when to just be quiet. Help me to demonstrate firm limits but at the same time exhibit unconditional love and support. Amen.

Gracious Father, my son is rebelling, and I ask for Your wisdom in parenting through this chaotic time. Help me to be clear in my expectations for his behavior and the consequences for breaking rules. Help me to guide him with truth and love, and may my words and actions be based on Your Word, so that I am setting a credible example of right behavior. Bring him to the point of honoring his parents and others in authority. Amen.

God of Peace, our son has drifted into communicating with us in a negative way. He's arguing, withdrawing, and displaying an attitude of anger and resentment. Father, You know how much we desire peace in our home. Please help us to respond to him gently and communicate our care for him. Help us to be authentic and consistent. And restore peace within him and between us, we pray. Amen.

Compassionate Lord, I intercede for my son who is wasting his life with a reckless and promiscuous lifestyle. Lord, I feel such heartache because he is rejecting everything that we and the church have taught him. Lord, may Your Holy Spirit continue to work in his life to bring him to remorse and repentance for his sin, and to bring him back to living according to Your Word. Amen.