Prayer For A Woman In Labor

Sovereign Lord, soothe me with your calming grace in this time of labor. I am your child. I belong to you and I am safe in your hands. Fill my heart with the assurance that you are full of steadfast love for me. In your mercy, may I find peace. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

O God come to my assistance, O Lord make haste to help me.

O Mary our Mother, be our haven, be our peace on the pathways of life.

Heavenly Father, thank You for my wife and all that she means to me. Thank You for bringing such a good woman into my life to be my helper and friend as well as my lover and comfort.

Thank You for her love for You Lord, and I pray that day by day our marriage may become stronger so that together we may grow in grace, and that our mutual love for each other and for You may blossom into the marriage partnership that You desire for each of Your children.

Bless our lives together, and unite us in a closer bond of unity with each other so that together we may stand shoulder to shoulder as we carry out the life-work that You have given to us, to the glory of Your name.

Forgive us those times when we have allowed the niggles of life and the foolishness of our sin natures to sour the special relationship we have with each other, knowing that the enemy seeks to instil disunity in Christian lives and marriages. Help us instead, to quietly and humbly apologise for our own short comings and change our thinking, so that we consider the needs of the other before our own.

Thank You for the precious blessing of my wife. In Jesus' name,


Heavenly Father, thank You for the wife that You have been gracious to give me and thank You for the wonderful institution of marriage where a man and a woman becomes one flesh.

Help me to cleave to my wife as You have instructed in Your Word, and may we grow ever closer to each other and to You as we daily spend time in fellowship with one and other and in You presence, together.

May she grow strong in the Lord and in the power Your might, and protect her mind and thoughts I pray, from the influences of the world. Help her to fix her heart and mind on the Lord Jesus and may she continue to place her full trust and hope in You.

Give her a gentle spirit and a tender heart and may she become more and more a woman where her inner beauty shines out as the example of one who loves and fears the Lord. And help me to be a good and loving husband, so that together we can witness to Your authority in our lives and marriage. In Jesus' name I pray,


How I thank You for the love my wife has for You Lord, and for the quiet strength she demonstrates in her prayerfulness. Thank You for the example she is to me and to others, of a woman who has placed Jesus at the rightful centre of her life, and home.

Lord, there was a time when I did not understand and was a little confused, irritated and even jealous of her prayer-life, but Lord, thank You for showing me the amazing gift that I have received from You in the person of my praying wife, and also for the amazing grace and gift of prayer that You have bestowed on her.

Lord, just as her prayers have so often sustained me as I have faced some of life's difficulties, I now lift up my precious wife to You in grateful praise asking that You would sustain her and encourage her in her prayer life. Be her rock and support, especially in those times when she may become weary of well-doing. Show me Lord, how I may be supportive toward her and thank You Father, for giving me my praying wife. In Jesus' name I pray,


Dear Lord, when my wife is in the midst of a tumult of worries, fear, and sadness, remind her as quickly as possible that You are with her. She can never go anywhere where You can't find her. In her mountain top, excited moments, You are there. In her desert wanderings, You are there. You are even there in her lowest, most distressed states. She may not always feel it, but she knows You are with her. Help me be just the right person at just the right time to help her to stand when she is under pressure. And always remind her of Your immense love which was depicted on that cross. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Dear Father, I thank You for my wife. She is more precious to me than rubies. I trust her and am so grateful for how much she blesses my life. Today, I come to You especially on her behalf. I pray that You bless herspirit, mind and bodyfor who she is and for all that she does for our family and our home. I thank You that she is smart, hardworking, healthy and prosperous in everything she does. I thank You that she is respected, favored and loved by her family, friends, neighbors and co-workers; and I pray that they see what a treasure she is. I ask that You continue to draw her to You so that she would know how wide, how long, how high and how deep Your love for her is. Though there are many honorable and capable women in the world, I'm so thankful to have my wife with me as my partner, my lover and my friend. I give You all the glory for bringing her into my life and for teaching me every day how to be the husband she needs me to be. In Jesus' Name, Amen.