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General Prayer Collections

Prayers for Teachers, Students, and Schools! You've asked for it, now here it is! Many of us have a connection to the educational system, whether at college, elementary school, and so on. We are compiling prayers for teachers, many from ancient Christian sources, such as the writings of the Church Fathers.

Prayers for the Church Year

Advent Prayers and Collects Advent is the season when we remember the anticipation of Christ's first coming, and we pray for the return of Christ again. It is not a kind of "Christmas before Christmas." These prayers reflect Advent's true meaning. We also have Advent Hymns and Canticles.

Prayers for the Feast of the Assumption / Dormition of Mary These are prayers in honor of Mary leaving this life in an exceptional manner.

Prayers for All Saints' Day The Church celebrates every saint, known and unknown, once a year. However, we can (and should) join our prayers to those of the saints on a daily basis. Here are some prayers thanking God for the saints and asking the saints to pray on our behalf.

Prayers for the Feast of Christ the King This is a Western feast celebrating Christ as just and merciful ruler over all creation. These prayers relate to this reality.

Prayer for All Hallows' Eve (Halloween) Don't laugh! Halloween is the vigil of All Saints, i.e. the Eve of All Saints' Day. Far from being Satanic, the Eve of All Saints is a time to mock and fight the forces of evil. These prayers are all related to overcoming the evils of the devil.

Prayers and Devotions for Ordinary Time Ordinary Time is the time in the Church year when it is not Advent, Christmas, Lent, or Easter. Far from being ordinary, this is a time to focus on deepening our relationship with Jesus. We also remember and celebrate the ordinary life of Jesus. Jesus did extraordinary things for sure, but He also did many of the day-to-day tasks we do, and thus sanctified them too.

Communion Prayers and Prayers for Corpus Christi In celebration we have collected some of the greatest communion prayers and Eucharistic devotions from all traditions. There are quite a few here and they will deepen your devotion to our Lord.

Pentecost Prayers and Collects This is a collection of Pentecost prayers, some old, and some newer. These may be used during the day of Pentecost, or during the octave of Pentecost, the eight-day extension of Pentecost immediately following the feast. Of course, they can also be used at all times of the year.

Easter (Pascha) Prayers Similar to our Lent Prayers, these prayers are designed for the 50-day season of Easter.

Prayers for Lent We have compiled various prayers from the East and West for the Lenten season.

The Seven Penitential Psalms These seven psalms have been traditionally designated as the primary penitential psalms. They are generally used a lot during Lent but are certainly appropriate during other times of the year.

The Great Litany This is a penitential litany especially suitable for Lent. Virtually every sin, evil, and class of wrongdoing is included here, confessed, and forgiven. It is a very useful confession tool. This version comes from the Book of Common Prayer, used by those in the Anglican Communion.


A Novena For Healing to Christ the Great Physician


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