Healing Novena To Christ the Great Physician

A statue of Jesus

We know that there is one physician: Both flesh and spirit uncreated, yet born God in man True life in death From both Mary and From God Subject to suffering and then impassible Jesus Christ our Lord!*

We ask O Great Physician, for spiritual, physical, and emotional healing, especially my intention of ______. You of both flesh and spirit

May we spend all of our days in your healing presence You the eternal Son born for us

Grant us the healing benefits of your Incarnation, Death, and Resurrection You who are true God and true man

Grant us your true life in the midst of death You, the true life in death

Grant us to follow your example and that of your Blessed Mother You, from both Mary and from God

May our suffering be for our growth; free us, we pray, from that which we cannot bear We ask You, O God the Word who became man to suffer

We ask you to grant us this healing if it brings us closer to you, Jesus Christ our Lord!

*Adapted from the Letter of St. Ignatius to the Ephesians, VII.

Note: This novena can be used individually or with a group. The bolded responses should be said even by individuals. A novena is a method of continual and fervent prayer, usually lasting for a period of 9 days, but sometimes 9 months. Novenas are excellent prayer tools, and we employ them frequently. However, the Church emphasizes that we not attach a superstitious power to the number 9. The Novena is simply a method of determined prayer.

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Updated 08-13-2018