Prayer For Unsaved

Loving Father, I humble before you, asking for your help in bringing my unsaved loved ones to you. They are caught up in the world of sin. Soften their hearts to understand that you've paid the full price for their sins by sacrificing your only son. All they have to do is accept the gift of your forgiveness. Let them give up their worldly pleasures and seek your kingdom first. Let everything they do bring glory to you. Hold their hands to salvation. Amen.

Mighty God, I intercede in prayer on behalf of my loved ones who are not yet saved. Save them from their sinful lives. Deliver them from the devil's bondage. I ask that they may receive Jesus Christ as their savior and experience the life-changing intimacy with you. Give them the grace to overcome their desire for worldly pleasures. Show them your unending love. Let them taste and see how good you are and how blessed they are to take refuge in you. Amen.

Lord, I'm down on my knees crying out for my loved ones who are not yet saved. Their hearts are closed to your message of salvation. Save them. Let your Holy Spirit minister to them, lead them to repent their sins and surrender their lives to you that they may see your kingdom. Give them the strength and wisdom to always call on you when they get tempted to go back to sin. Give them the surety that we all sin and as a faithful Father, you forgive us our sins never to remember them again. Amen.

Everlasting King, I bow before you, praying for the salvation of my loved ones who don't believe in you. Their ways are dark and against your commandments. Show them your light. Make their hearts receptive to your message of grace. Let them know of your promises. Let your love overcome their desire to sin. Put to death the desires of their flesh so that they may focus on the desires of the spirit and be among the ones sanctified by faith. Show them your ways. Amen.

Lamb of God, I pray that my loved ones, who still take that sacrifice for granted, get to understand how much love you have for us. You took upon yourself the debts of our sins and paid for them at the cross. May they abandon their sinful ways and focus on the salvation, and freedom you attained for us at the cross. Let their souls seek you in truth and spirit. Amen.

Holy Spirit, I pray that you minister to my loved ones who are trapped in sin about the eternal life given to us by God through Jesus Christ. Make them understand how sweet it is to be in Jesus. Give them the will to accept Jesus as their savior and surrender all their cares to Him, for He cares. Guide their thoughts and let their hearts meditate on the promises of our God. Amen.

King of kings, Save my loved ones from sin. The devil has dominated their lives. They have turned their backs on you. Redeem their souls, God. Change their ways. Clean their hearts and make them willing to give up their sinful lives. Give them the strength to stay in faith and hold their hands so that they may not get sucked back to sin. Amen.

Father, I come before you with a heavy heart crying out for the redemption of unsaved loved ones. They are so blinded by sin that they are missing out on your promises. Their hearts are distant from you. Bring them closer to you. Let them know of your love and your mercies. Let the Holy Spirit convict them that they may repent and follow your ways. Save them, O Lord. Amen.