Prayer For Sunday Morning Worship Service

We bless your name. Bless your children as we gather to exalt you. We reject evil plots and sin in your name. We pray for your grace so that we may do good works in your nae. Fill us with your power and glory. Open the floodgates of heaven and give us your rain of blessings. Let us be refreshed through you. We look forward to each fellowship with enthusiasm because it is our chance to know and serve you better. Thank you for always being there for us. In Jesus' name, amen.

Our Father, we have gathered again in your presence. You are our God in heaven and made all of earth through your word. We exalt you for your power and goodness. We come to you to show our love for you. We have cast all of our cares before you and on you. Bring us your abundance and remove the lack from our lives. May we be renewed through you. Give us the strength to face the week ahead and allow us to glorify your name. We worship you because you are our God forever.

The lord does such wondrous things. You have revealed yourself to your children, and we have gathered here to refresh ourselves in your presence. May the whole earth be filled with your glory. Fill us with your presence and let us be lost in the euphoria of your presence. Let every soul encounter your greatness. May we be filled with the unspeakable joy that comes from your throne.

. Our Father, we bow before you. We have gathered today for fellowship with you. Let your presence be felt in Jesus' name. We are your people and the sheep in your pasture. We have gathered in your tabernacle to bring our praise and thanksgiving. We are not worthy to receive you, but accept our prayers in your name. Bless us as our service progresses and grant our petitions in Jesus' name.

Blessed Lord, we are gathered today before your throne. We are unworthy of your goodness, but through the grace of Jesus, may we be glorified in your name. Oh, Lord, we come to you asking for forgiveness. May we be sanctified and made holy through you. As we continue our church service and conclude opening prayers, may your presence overshadow us as we feel your blessings.

Blessed Lord, you are the king of heaven and earth. All of heaven sings of your glory. You do wonders on earth and in heaven. We see the work of your hands as we gather in worship today. Accept our prayers in Jesus' name. Do not forsake us as we strive to live our lives in honor of you. We have gathered in fellowship in your presence. Come down and allow us to feel your presence. As we continue today's church service, we want to feel your great power and light. Let us encounter you in a new way and bless us in our lives. May we find everlasting joy through you.

Heavenly Father, in this day we will give thanks to You Lord and we will call upon Your name; we will make known among the nations what You have done and we will proclaim that Your name is exalted. We will sing to You Lord for You have done glorious things and we will let it be known to all the world. Father, today we will shout aloud and sing for joy. We will declare that great is the holy one of Israel among us.

Father, as we come before You today in the name of Jesus, we declare that You are God and earnestly we will seek You. Father, it's our desire to see You in the sanctuary; to behold Your power and Your glory. Father, Your love is greater than life and our lips will glorify You. We will praise You as long as we live and in Your name we will lift up our hands. You have satisfied our souls as with the riches of foods and with singing lips our mouths will give You praise.