Prayer For Someone To Change Their Mind

God came in and changed that person's mind...even if was just to teach you the lesson to be careful what you pray for.

Dear Lord, I come to You Prayer seeking Your love and compassion. I ask You Lord to allow this young lady to be restored in her spirit. I ask You to allow her to not feel depressed & to feel hopeful of Your grace. I ask You to speak to her clearly & let her know Your will for her life. I ask You to bring her happiness through Your interventions. Lord she has prayed to You for a husband & she has met a man that she feels is the one for her & I ask You Lord to restore this relationship if it is Your will or to send her the man of her prayers. I pray that the man that she is meant for her treats her with respect, loves her unconditionally, worships God as a family unit, & that he knows the true power of The Father, Son, & the Holy Spirit. I pray that she has a long lasting life with happiness & true obedience to You Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray and say Amen.

Dear St. Jude,

I come before you and God with all my faith and hope that you please help me thru this difficult time. Comfort me in my new loneliness and give me patience in this time of need. I ask you to please help him to find the right words to speak to me again. Grant me your guidance and inspiration to reunite us.

Help him to work thru his differences, soften his heart, and let him see things in from a different perspective. Help me to win back the affection and intimacy we use to share and let him be not afraid to have a relationship. Inspire him to see the truth of my heart and the beauty in me, with all that I have to offer. I miss being apart of his life and I miss sharing mine with him. It saddens me that we apart at this time, but I pray for strength each day in hopes that he will return.

I ask you to please rebuild and bring us to be one heart w/ equal love for each other, making us stronger than before. St Jude, please intercede with God and grant my plea to reunite me and he, soon, with your blessing always.