Prayer For Singles

Righteous God, I take delight in You! In doing so, I know that You will give me my heart's desires! I am single right now and I understand that this doesn't guarantee that I will find a partner. But I have comfort in knowing that whether I am single or married, I can always find delight in who You are. Father, I adore You and I praise Your holy name with all that I am. Amen.

Dear Lord, I am currently single and to society this may seem strange or looked down upon. But Your word says to the unmarried and to the widows that it is good for them if they remain single so long as they have self-control. I thank You for the discipline You have given me to be single. Please help me to not feel pressured by society to find a partner. Help me have the confidence that I am a wonderful child of God, single, just as I am. Amen.

Hallelujah to Your name, Father! Being single has been hard for me, and I have felt lonely at times, but Lord, I look to You. Your word declares that an unmarried or no longer married individual can be devoted to You and be holy in body and in spirit. Thank You for keeping me holy! I pray that I always focus on You, irrespective of my relationship status. I know that the most important relationship status is the one with You. In your holy name, Amen.

Dear God, I am coming to ask You to provide me with the wife that I have longed for, for so many years, and pray that You would bring into my life a beautiful woman to be my bride, who radiates an inner beauty that comes from a heart that loves You with her whole being.

Lord, You know that it is not good for any man to be alone and so You created Eve to be the unique and perfect helper for Adam. Father, I believe that You are still able to furnish anyone who seeks You with a good wife who will be a soul-mate and precious companion and lover.

Lord, finding a wife is perhaps the most important thing in any man's life and Your Word tells us that, He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord, I don't want to do this on my own, and so I ask that You would lead and guide me. Give me the wisdom and insight to know which woman that You would choose for me. Help me to make the right choices and prepare me Lord, for all that lies ahead as I seek to wait patiently for the lady that I believe You have chosen for me. In Jesus' name I pray,


Dear Lord, I have come to recognise and accept that my heart's desire is to serve You, from this day forward, with every part of my being, to present my body as a living sacrifice unto You for the rest of my life. Lord, I know that this is a big step to take and few will understand, and I know that I can only take this step of faith in the power of Your Holy Spirit living in and working through me.

Lord, I want to offer my life to You, to use as You will, and I pray Lord that You would use me body, soul and spirit to Your praise and glory. May I be willing to go where You lead, even when it is not what I expected, and keep teaching and training me I pray, to live and move and work and expend my life entirely for Your service, relying on You and resting on the promises of Your Word.

Let me also be willing Lord, to follow Your guidance in the area of relationships. May I be willing and able to live for the rest of my life in my current state of singleness, but also may I be willing and open to Your guidance, should You choose otherwise. Lord, into Your hands I commit my future life for I desire to live as You deem best, in the place of Your choosing and in whatever state that You choose for me.

Teach me Lord, to listen to the promptings of Your voice, so that I may live by faith and not by sight. Lord, I want to please You and I know that without faith it is impossible to please You, so give me faith that honours You, I pray. I know in my heart that you desire all Your children to live by faith, trusting Your Word and acting upon it without questioning or hesitation, and so I pray that my faith in You may stand the test of time, and withstand the enemies of doubt and unbelief, to Your praise and glory.

Lord, may all I say and do and am from this day forward, be pleasing in Your sight, and may You be glorified through my life. In Jesus' name I pray,


Dear Lord God, I thank You for my life and for the way that You have led me thus far. Lord, the deepening desire in my heart is for a loving husband, a man of God with whom I can spend the rest of my life in a marriage union.

I ask Lord, that You would bring the right man into my life, a man after God's own heart. I pray that the one that You would choose for me would be a mature man of God as well as becoming the spiritual leader of our home, and that his love and devotion for me would only be exceeded by the love that He has for You.

Lord, I pray that I will not be impatient in my waiting for the right man to come along, but rather that You would teach and train me and make me emotionally ready for the man that You would choose for me.

Father, up to this point in time, I thank You for the blessings I have received by being single, and thank You for the way that You have led and guided me in every aspect of my life and work and prepared my heart to approach You on the subject of marriage. And so Lord, I place my future into Your hands and as that in Your time and in Your way, You will bring the man of Your choice into my life, and I will give You all the praise and all the glory. In Jesus' name,


Heavenly Father, You were the One who made us male and female and You were the One Who placed each one of us in our families. You knew us before we were even born, while we were being secretly formed in our mother's womb.

But Lord, there are many Christian men and women that long to be married but find that the person that they so long to meet and spend their life with never seems to cross their path, and Lord it is for those believers who find themselves in this position that I am lifting up in prayer to You today.

Father, I ask that You look down in grace and mercy on all single men and women who have an inner yearning and desire to be married and yet have remained in their single status. I pray that You would look with compassion on the desires of their hearts, and bring into their life a person of Your choosing, with whom they can share their life and their future.

Father, I pray that during the time of waiting that You would guard their hearts and minds with the assurance that You know the intimate desires and needs of their hearts, and that in Your time and in Your way, You will bring into their life the person that You have been preparing for them, the one for whom You have been preparing them for as well! Pour into each heart a stillness and peace that only comes to the one that knows that their times and futures are in God's hands, and are prepared to trust every area of their futures into His loving hands. I ask this in Jesus' name,


Heavenly Lord, I am so blessed to be your child and I praise and thank You for always being there as my guard and guide, my defence and my defender. Thank You that I can turn to You no matter what happens, and even when I am completely alone, thank You that You are my ever present help in time of trouble.

Lord, I have also proved over and over again that when I seek to do things in my own strength I inevitable fail and fall and am slowly learning that without You I can do nothing, and yet You have promised that I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me. Thank You that in all things You are my sufficiency and my strength, and I pray that in all things I will find my wisdom and strength in You. Thank You, Lord, that You are always there for me and that You have promised never to fail not forsake me. Thank You in Jesus' name,