Prayer For Resilience

As I go to work,
Be with me Lord.
Be the patience when I'm frustrated.
Be the endurance when I am tired.
Be the wisdom when I am uncertain.
Be the inspiration when I'm out of ideas.
Be the peacemaker when I feel hurt.
Be the comforter when I feel overwhelmed.
Be the energy when I am weary.
Be the guide when I am confused.
Be the forgiver when I get it wrong.
Be with me Lord, today.

I would love to be with my friend as she/he manages such hardships.
I would love to hold her/his hand and whisper words of comfort.
I would love to change her situation and bring new happiness.
I would love to give her peace as she lies to rest.
I would love to wake her with new hope every morning.
I would love to know how to lead her through this hard time.
I would love to bless her with peace and joy and hope.

You are closer, stronger, wiser than I.
You are with her, Heavenly Father.
You are with her, and will hold her and protect her forever.

I trust in you.


Thanks be to you, our Lord Jesus Christ,
for all the benefits which you have given us,
for all the pains and insults which you have borne for us.

Most merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother,
may we know you more clearly,
love you more dearly,
and follow you more nearly,
day by day.


God of grace,

You make me softer, kinder, gentler, generous, forgiving and loving.
Yet at times I know these gifts wear thin. I feel impatience rising, I sense resentment brooding and revenge is on my lips.
So I pray today and all days for more of your Spirit. May the grace that you pour out open the door for a renewing of my mind, a restoration of my heart and a transformation of my soul.

Thank you
That in you I find new strength
Discover more patience
And walk with grace at work in my life.


O Lord,

You are the light that guides my feet.
You are the map that gives me direction.
You are the peace that makes me strong.
You are the leader whom I faithfully follow.

May your light illuminate my life
And your guidance bring direction.
May I find inspiration in your word
And peace in my heart as I follow you.


Lord, I reach out to you for your guidance.
Please show me which way to turn.
Calm my anxious thoughts, come speak into my mind.
Strengthen me as I falter and feel weary.
May I feel strength rising up within my heart.
Bring clarity into my visions and dreams.
I trust that you are with me, no matter where I go,
Or what I decide to do.
You journey with me always.


Lord, you are our keeper and preserver. We have a promise spoken by the words of the prophet Isaiah, that You loving God give power to the faint and strengthen the powerless. We know that our ability to be resilient comes from you. We thank you that you are our help in all circumstances, yes even these times of unprecedented circumstance you are an ever present help. As the world changes around us, help us to embrace the change. As we are stretched to our limits and beyond, be our elasticity to snap back better than before. Grant that we may find calm through your divine peace. Equip leaders, first responders, researchers, and all humanity with the resilience to combat this virus. Give is discernment to recognize trauma in our bodies and the skills to draw on resilience. May our guide be empathy as we journey together as one humanity through these uncertain times toward recovery and your new creation. It is in Jesus the Christ name we pray. Amen

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the challenges in life that help to build my strength.

Thank you for the times when my lack of resources reminds me of the value of resourcefulness.

Thank you for the mysterious people who confound, frustrate and annoy me, teaching me patience and the art of forgiveness.

Thank you for the moments when I am in desperate need of a miracle, and at the very last moment, from an unexpected source, one arrives.

Thank you for the difficult path that only I can walk, the challenging problems that you have prepared for me to solve and the purpose that you have for my life.

Thank you for the moments of courage that you give me so that I can live a life of meaning, not comfort.

Thank you for the moments when I am aware of my many faults, not so that I can wallow in guilt, but so that I can tap into your grace and mercy.

Thank you for sending angels to wrestle with me, building my resilience and teaching me to hold on to what is good.

I pray that you would give me strong ankles for the times when I walk on rocky ground.

I pray that you would give me a strong heart for the times when pain would otherwise break my spirit.

And I pray that even in the darkest night, I will be looking to the light that's coming.

I pray that I (and my family and friends) may be numbered with the resilient ones.