Prayer For Rain Islam

Make my lot of Nafl (supererogatory) deeds in it abundant, honor me in it with the presence of pleas, bring my means towards You closer from among all means, O One Who is not distracted by the persistence of those who persist!

Grant me in it the honor of Laylatul-Qadr, change my affairs in it from hardship to ease, accept my excuses, remove from the sin and its burden, O One Who is affectionate towards His righteous servants!

Lord! Make my endeavor in it appreciated (by You), my sin it forgiven, my deed in it accepted, my defect in it covered, O most hearing of those who hear (pleas)!

Lord! I plead to You to enable me to achieve whatever pleases You, I seek refuge with You from whatever offends You, and I plead to You to grant me the ability to obey You and not to disobey, O most Generous One of all those to whom pleas are made!

O Allah, on this day, place me among those who seek forgiveness. Place me among Your righteous and obedient servants, and place me among Your close friends, by Your kindness, O the most Merciful

O Allah, on this day, strengthen me in carrying out Your commands, let me taste the sweetness of Your rememberance, grant me, through Your graciousness, that I give thanks to You. Protect me, with Your protection and cover, O the most discerning of those who see.

Allaahumma hawaalaynaa wa laa 'alaynaa. Allaahumma 'alal-'aakaami wadh-dhiraabi, wa butoonil-'awdiyati, wa manaabitish-shajari.
O Allah, let it pass us and not fall upon us, but upon the hills and mountains, and the center of the valleys, and upon the forested lands.

Allaahumma 'asqinaa ghaythan mugheethan maree'an maree'an, naafi'an ghayradhaarrin, 'aajilan ghayra 'aajilin.
O Allah, shower upon us abundant rain, beneficial not harmful, swiftly and not delayed.