Prayer For Protection For Home

Dear Heavenly Father, it was Joshua that proclaimed that, "as for me and my house we will serve the Lord." Father, that is my daily prayer that my home may be a place where You alone are Lord and You alone are worshipped and honoured.

I pray that each member of my household will choose to serve You as their God, for You alone are worthy of our praise and service. May each one of us seek to honour You all the days of our life.

Surround each member of this home with Your love and protection both during the day, and throughout the hours of darkness. Help each of us to love You with all our heart and soul and mind and spirit, and live our lives in a manner that truly serve and pleases You .

Bless each member of our home I pray, and Lord, wherever any of us go, may we all keep You as the centre of our lives. May each one be mindful of the love and grace that You have poured out on us, by sending Your Son to redeem our lives from destruction.

Thank You, Father, that You are our God.


Dear Lord Jesus, we thank You for our home, which You have graciously provided for us. Lord, I am aware that You had nowhere to lay Your head. You had no place that You could call Your home when You walked this earth. Help me to hold the things of this world lightly, and not allow them to become of such importance that I start to look on them as a form of idol in my life.

Oh Lord, I know that my home is filled with many little treasures and keep-sakes that are very special to me, and I thank You for each one. But Lord, I also know that all I have has comes from You, and all that we own is a gift of grace from You. O Lord, help me not to cling tightly to the things of this world.

Father, I know that my true home is in heaven and that You have prepared a place for me there. Help me to keep the things of this life in their proper perspective. May I be wise and thankful for all that You have given me, but also to keep my heart in heavenly places. I look forward to the day when You will bring me into that wonderful home that You have prepared for me in heaven. In Jesus' name,


Heavenly Father I come boldly before your throne of grace, that I may obtain mercy and find grace to help me in the time of need. You are an awesome mighty God and Your Majesty amazes me as I set my gaze on You, oh Lord! You are the Great I am. You are the God of the heaven and the earth and there is no One like you. I submit to Your authority, O' God, I resist the devil and he will take off running in the name of Jesus - For every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord! I recognize and honor the Lordship of Jesus in my life and over my home (on my property/business). I come close to You O' God and I thank you for coming close to my family and I. By Your sovereign plan you have entrusted me with many things. Thank you for my home. I anoint with oil every window, door, every room, the attic and garage in my home and the four corners of my property cleansing every inch of this ground. I declare and decree on the authority of the Word of God this home is a spiritual safe haven for my family and I - as for me and my house we will serve the Lord! I ask You Holy Spirit to come and reside in this home (business) thus making us safe from all the wicked schemes and plans of the enemy. Satan doesn't intimidate You therefore he doesn't intimidate me - for in the name of Jesus Satan has to flee!

I am Your Child and I receive the truth that raised me up and seated me in Heavenly places with Jesus Christ My Lord. This is my position, therefore and as a result of my position: I bind up and command every wicked, evil unclean spirit that claims ground on this property or in my home/business based on the activities of past or present occupiers, including me and my family or visitors to LEAVE Now and NEVER RETURN AGAIN, THIS IS GOD'S PROPERTY - GET OUT NOW IN JESUS NAME! I bind up any and all demonic assignments, negative influences or word curses assigned to this place and over me or my family and I sever them at the root - I curse them and renounce them and I command you to go back to dry lands from whence they came - never to return again in Jesus name. The Lord rebuke you Satan! Father God, I ask you to charge the angels in Heaven to stand guard against all attempts of the enemy to enter my home, come on my property and disturb my family and I - they are to stand guard at the four corners of this property and around the parameters of this property, around and in my home from the ceiling to the floor, front to back and side to side and at every window and every door to protect it to keep my family and I from all harm and delays from our destiny - Your plan for our lives! I cover my home and property and each family member and myself with the blood of Jesus and I declare the enemy cannot cross the bloodline in Jesus name. In Jesus name I command every demon that has followed me, was sent to me or transferred to me through ungodly connections to leave my family and I Now! I loose the anointing, the Word of God, peace and the Holy Spirit in their place in Jesus name. The Word of God is the glue that takes the place of anything ungodly and the Holy Spirit seals it! I thank you Father that it is finished! I declare and decree this day in Jesus name who has all authority over the heavens and the earth and under the earth - THIS IS HOLY GROUND therefore it is established the name of Jesus is above every name in Jesus righteous holy name. Now I enter You're rest with peace and receive You're love Heavenly Father in Jesus name - thank you for health, financial blessing, restoration, productive creativity resounding and manifesting Your glory in this place in Jesus name.

Father God in the name of Jesus I ask you to give Great Favor and Peace to You Sons and Daughters,
may they know and experience Your presence and power this day.
Holy Spirit I thank you that You are with us, You live in us, goes before us and You are our rear-guard.
May He be your guide, protector and give us clear direction today, as You order our steps and stops.
I ask You Abba Father to bring Divine Spiritual Order to the body, heal and make us whole in
our mind as we discipline ourselves to speak the Word only.
May You guard our heart for out of it flows a well-spring of life.
May You protect us, heal Marriages, families, homes,
relationships, finances, businesses, jobs, in ministry and restore us this day in
Jesus Mighty Matchless Name. Amen.

God of Heaven, God of Earth, God of Angels, God of Archangels, God of Patriarchs, God of Prophets, God of Apostles, God of Martyrs, God of Confessors, God of Virgins, God who has power to give life after death and rest after work: because there is no other god than Thee and there can be no other, for Thou art the Creator of all things, visible and invisible, of whose reign there shall be no end. We humbly prostrate ourselves before Thy glorious Majesty, and we beseech Thee to deliver us by Thy power from all the tyranny of the infernal spirits, from their snares, their lies and their furious wickedness; Deign, O Lord, to grant us Thy powerful protection and to keep us safe and sound. We beseech Thee through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Spirit of God we welcome you into this place.
Come inhabit every room with your wonderful presence.
May all who enter this dwelling sense your everlasting peace and abundant joy,
And may all who live here know and experience the fullness of your eternal love.

We ask all this in the glorious name of Jesus, our saviour and protector.



You are our fortress, this home has walls of love that are built on you.
You are our sanctuary, our family rests in the grace laid out in your words of truth.
You are our treasure, we hold one another in the faith, hope and joy that you sent.
You are our leader, we kneel at your feet and find protection, goodness and rest.

Thank you Lord.


Dear God, we are numb with grief because we felt that You had guided us to this home and yet now we are faced with foreclosure and we don't know which way to turn. Lord, we want to trust You in all things and we are coming to You once more to pray Your grace over us and our home, and to ask that in Your mercy You would prevent this foreclosure. Lord we ask that You would keep us in our home, and provide for us in all things.

Lord, let our trust be in You and help us to cast all our troubles and fear upon You. You have provided for us in the past and we pray that You will continue to provide for us in the future.

Lord, we read about Habakkuk in the Bible who was faced with some terrible disasters, but despite all the dreadful problems he had to face, his faith remained firm and secure in You.

Keep us firm Lord and be our hope in time of trouble. Help us to trust in You no matter what happens. Help us Lord, to maintain our hope and trust in You. Thank You that You have promised to be our help and strength, our defence and defender, our provider and provision. Thank You, Lord. Into Your hands we commit our home and future and ask You to carry us on eagles wings. In Jesus' name,