Prayer For Protection For Me And My Family

Living God, I pray that You would bless our family with more time together. We have been running to work and school and sports and choir, Lord, and we hardly ever get to slow down and just be with each other and enjoy each others' company. Would You create the time, or give us the wisdom to create the time, for us to be able to make memories together. Give us the strength to swim against the tide of our culture's expectation of always needing to be on the go. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.

God of Blessing, I pray that You would be with my family as we try to endure a lean season. Help us to have all the money we need to be able to have warm clothes to cover our bodies, food to eat, and a roof to cover our heads. I pray that we might know the joy of relying on You for our needs, and not our own strength. I pray that You would supply those needs and strengthen our faith. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.

Jehovah Rapha, my Healer, I pray that You would watch over my family and protect them from the many sicknesses and diseases that would come against them. Keep every single one of us healthy and strong, Lord. I pray that if one of us does get sick, that You would reach down with Your healing hand and cast that sickness out of our household. I pray that You will give us the wisdom to know how to best take care of ourselves and keep sickness out of our home. In Jesus' compassionate name, I pray, Amen.

God, my Fortress, I pray that You will be with our son/daughter as he/she goes off to college today. Be with me and my wife as we feel the grief of sending a child on to the next stage in his/her life. We have poured so much into our son/daughter, Lord, help us to be able to deal with our feelings well. And bless our son/daughter. I pray for his/her protection from harm. I pray for his/her success. I pray that he/she would meet good friends and that he/she would learn to love You more during this season. May he/she make his/her faith her own. Help us all to be strong. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.

Father, my Miracle-Worker, I pray that you would bring my son/daughter back to us. He/She has wandered so far away and has made so many choices, and has caused so much pain to her mother and to me. I pray that You would do whatever needs to happen to make him/her realize he/she needs You and that he/she can't go on living this way. Give us strength, Lord, as we endure this time, and help us to know how best to love our wayward son/daughter. In Jesus' mighty name, I pray, Amen.

God of Heaven's Armies, I pray that You would be with our son/daughter as he/she begins to drive today. I can't believe how old he/she is now and how quickly the time has passed. Please go with him/her, Lord. Young men/women in cars can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. I pray that You would guard him/her against himself/herself and against reckless drivers. I pray that he/she will make good choices, keep his/her phone put away while he/she drives, and follow all the rules of the road. In Jesus' all-powerful name, I pray, Amen.

O Lord, Mighty in Power, I thank You for the first five years of our son's/daughter's life and for keeping him/her safe as he/she has grown in our care. I pray that You will be with him/her today as he/she starts going to school. Help him/her not to be afraid and to make friends quickly. Keep him/her safe on the bus ride to school and help him/her to make a real connection with her teacher. Please protect him/her from embarrassing accidents and make him/her feel comfortable and nurtured in his/her new environment. Thank You, Jesus, that I can pray these things with confidence. In Jesus' gracious and loving name, I pray, Amen.

Lord, my Shield, I pray that You will go with us on this trip and keep us safe as we are driving. Help us all to get along together well and to speak to each other in a respectful way. I pray that the time spent in the car would be used in ways that are pleasing in Your sight. I pray that we have fun on this vacation and grow closer to each other. Give us great family memories to strengthen our love for one another. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.