Prayer For Protection Against Evil People

Dear Lord, You commanded us to refrain from any unwholesome talk. You desire that we use words that build others up for the benefit of everyone listening. Teach us to be always mindful of our words and to keep a tight rein on our tongues. When people talk behind our backs or slander us, guide our words that we may continue to be a blessing with our conversations. Give us the strength to show kindness so that we can glorify You with our response. Amen.

Father, You hate people who lead others astray. You abhor those who deceive others into false teachings people who reject the plain truths of Your word, preferring teachings that suit their depraved philosophies. Their sole purpose is to turn others away from the truth and into believing their myths. Give us, I pray, the wisdom to determine erroneous teachings so that we can avoid them. Infuse us with understanding that we may know how to confront them and warn others about them. Amen.

Our Father, You showed us what true sacrificial love is and You desire for us to express that same love to others. As we lovingly care for others, I pray that our sacrificial deeds will not be taken advantage of and that we will not be targeted for the exploitation of our kindness. Please do not allow anyone to try to unfairly benefit from our love and effort. Instead, lead us to people who are also kind and sincere in their motives and actions. Amen.

Almighty Father, We ask for Your protection against criminals. Please keep us safe from people who might target us or break into our home, planning to steal from us and threaten us with bodily harm. Shield us from these wicked individuals, O Lord, and muddle up their plans, that they may not be able to further steal from others or do harm to others. Comfort us with Your guiding hand and let us find confidence in Your ever-present help. Amen.

Lord God, We know that everything we do reflects on You. As we do our best to live in peace with everyone, keep us away from contentious people, who might incite us to react in an ungodly manner. Lead us away from hostile individuals who might stir up our fleshly side to respond in a shameful way. Help us to confront unavoidable situations with gracious and gentle words that pacify, that we may glorify You and give testimony of our faith. Amen.

Dear Lord, To You, our God, we come for safety. Protect us from the reckless actions of people who intentionally or unintentionally disregard the welfare of other people around them. Those who start destructive fires, those who cause serious vehicular crashes, and those many others who give no thought to the harmful consequences of their irresponsible actions. Shield us, I pray, from the injurious situations that these kinds of people cause, and let them be hindered from carrying out their malicious intents. Amen.

Father in heaven, May Your Spirit guide my every decision today. Lead me with Your wisdom and allow me to see things as they really are so that I do not fall victim to people's deception. Keep me safe from harm from wicked people who try to cheat me. Spare me from the con artists who do not care who they defraud and how much damage they cause. Give me the discernment to recognize and avoid their schemes and their evil intentions. Amen.

Faithful Father, There are violent people out there who are eager to do physical harm without any respect for human life. You are our Savior from those who wish to do us harm. You are our Protector from the violent hands of the wicked. As we go about our day today, steer us away from the places where evil people lie in wait. Keep us out of reach from their harmful intentions and cradle us in the safety of Your loving hands. Amen.