Prayer For Prom Night

Father God, may You surround each and everyone of these students with Your angels and protect them as they go to Prom Night and as they return. Lord, may they enjoy themselves peacefully and be blessed, In Jesus Name, Amen

Mighty Father, bless those that are attending this prom. Let this be a time of rejoicing and happiness. Surround these young people, let Your Hand keep them from evil, keep trouble far from them. Hide them O Lord in the shadow of Your Wings.
In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen

Lord I declare this in the name of Jesus that my breakthrough is now. That my blessings is now and that I can never and will never be held down by the enemy, because Lord who you bless no man sha4ll curse. I am pray this in Jesus name who reigns with the father, son and holy ghost, one God, now and forever more. Amen

Lord we come to you thanking you for the children that are blessings to us. We ask you to have a hedge of protection around them tonight as they travel to and from prom. Bless them to have a good time with friends and make memories of this special time. Lead them from temptation and deliver them from evil. Help them make good decisions and keep these babies safe tonight. We give you the glory for all our blessings....

Lord God, even though I will not be going to the dance tonight,
I ask that you watch over and protect those who are.
May they be safe and able to stay faithful to you.
I also ask that you watch over me and all those who are
not going to prom either by personal choice,
parent's choice, or not being invited - no matter what the reason,
please grant us a fun evening as well.
No matter what I decide to do tonight, help me
to look back with fond memories.
Thank you for all my blessings Lord.
In your holy name, I pray. Amen.

Lord God, thank you for this opportunity to get dressed up
and have fun with friends as we eat, dance, and laugh at Prom.
Please keep us safe this evening,
and give us strength to avoid temptations for any and all
activities that would harm our relationship with you.
May we be good role models in how we act, in what we say,
in what we do and in how we dance.
But also rejoice with us as we have fun.
We pray this in your holy name, Amen.

In the name of the Father, of the Son ,and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Lord God, at this very moment, we praise you, we worship you, and exalt your glorious name. We give you thanks o Lord, that we, the juniors and seniors, were able to celebrate and execute our maturity in transferring, as well as accepting, the key of responsibility from the seniors to the juniors.

Lord, we ask you to bless this significant affair. Make this occasion be one of the most joyful, unforgettable, memorable, and one that we will forever cherish.

Lord, may you provide your loving kindness to everyone gathered here tonight, from our dear president Dr. Gabriel Uriarte and his family, our teachers and parents, and, of course, we, the juniors and seniors, who are the main partakers of this event.

All these we ask and thank in the name on Jesus Christ, Your son. Amen.

Today, Lord,
I pray all youth this prom season.
Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate beauty, to laugh and dance, to make memories. As we dress in our finest, let us also act the part of ladies and gentlemen.
Keep all involved safe. Help us make wise choices, standing up to temptation with your power, living out our faith, and building good clean fun.
Watch over all those who are not going to prom either by personal choice, parent's choice, or not being invited - no matter what the reason.
Give all a fun evening that no matter what we decide to do tonight, we may look back on this night with healthy good memories.