Prayer For Prosperity And Abundance

O Exalted One, I am petitioning You now with an urgent request. Please hear me. I am struggling financially. I feel as though I am being punished through my monetary situation. I cannot understand why Your people suffer while the wicked do well. Therefore, let me find favor in Your eyes. Do not pay attention to the wicked who cheat and lie, but financially bless me, Your dear child, through Christ, my redeemer. Amen.

God of Victory, sometimes I feel like every endeavor ends up in failure. No matter how much effort I put in, I seem to always wind back up in the same place. I am broke and without the means to provide for myself or my family. I desperately need to see a change in my life. Help me to find success. Illuminate my mind so that I can see where I am messing up. Help me to continue to live virtuously with integrity. Above all, restore my faith so that I do not give up. Amen.

Jesus, my Savior and Miracle-Worker, You work in such unexpected and mysterious ways. For who can plumb Your depths or rise to Your great heights? Who can search out Your ways and behold Your glory? I am in a dire situation, and I need Your help. I ask that You provide income in unexpected ways. Do it, Jesus. Work a miracle in my life and deliver on this request through Christ, my Lord. Amen.

Lord, my Refuge, I have been searching for ways to become a better steward of Your gifts. I am constantly looking for ways to invest and create a return on my money, yet I have not been as successful as I would like. I ask that You help me to arrive at a financial breakthrough. Help me to discover the ways of being a good steward. Let me make sound and wise decisions based not on emotion, but solid principles in keeping with Your commands. Amen.

O God of Loving Devotion, nobody likes to be behind financially. Falling behind gives me the feeling that I will never catch up. I feel as though I am a slave to my creditors who will not let me rest until I have paid the last penny. Help me to get ahead, Lord. Allow me to focus on the single goal of getting out in front of my expenses so that I can finally start to accumulate wealth. Amen.

Lord Jesus, money is no substitute for You. Indeed, it is of the most pernicious of idols. It has the power to enslave us with greed, envy, and worry. I do not want to be fixated on money, but this world demands that I produce and pay my debts. Lord, deliver me from this financial hell. Release me from these financial shackles, so that I may once again be free to love and to serve. In Your holy name, I pray. Amen.

There is no lack in the kingdom of God. I praise and bless God's
bounty. I rejoice that plenty is my heritage. God enriches my
mind with divine ideasideas of wisdom, light, and inspiration.
God blesses my body with life, strength, wholeness, and vitality.
God blesses my affairs with every conceivable form, including
food, clothing, and housing. I have plenty of all I need, for God
is my supply.

God is my help, and God is here now. Despair is transformed
into faith; darkness becomes light. I meet every situation and
view every appearance with a fearless heart and a confident
spirit. God is my abundant supply; in this I am confident. I am
confident that I am able to accomplish all things demanded
of me. I am confident that God's wisdom in me is continually
guiding and inspiring me. I am confident that my capabilities
and talents have their source in God. I am confident that my
every undertaking will be attended by success, for the powerful
and accomplishing Spirit of God is with me.