Prayer For Police Officers Family

Lord bless all those who wear the uniform, who serve our cities, our nation, our people. Bless their families. Bless those they love. Give them your great favor, this day, and every day. And thank you that as believers, we can be assured, you never leave us, and you are with us always, in this life, and the next.

In the Powerful and Present Name of Jesus,


Keep them and their families safe and healthy. Grant them times of rest and renewal. Make them to lie down in green pastures and lead them by still waters.

Bless them and keep them, let your face shine upon them, be gracious to them, lift up your countenance upon them, and give them peace. All this we ask in Jesus' name. Amen.

Lord, may Your wisdom and courage shroud our officers.

May they respond to situations in the fear of God, rather than depend on their own wisdom.

May Your peace be with our police officers while they discharge their duties.

May You enlighten them with Your wisdom and clarity to make sound and moral decisions at all times.

In accordance with Your Word in Romans 13:4, may they be Your ministers, meting out justice and peace for all.

And Lord, I ask that as they bring order to our society, You keep their homes and families in order.

Provide for them and protect them night and day. May they be epitomes of morality and virtue.

In Jesus' Name, I ask these things.