Prayer For Peace Michael Jackson

Michael was a music genius, a perfectionist a humanitarian a child prodigy...and with most gifted people there's always a uniqueness in their thinking and the way they lived.

I pray he was right with God, message to everyone quit judging people who lived differently, our judgemental words don't save me. Take the time to get to know them and make a difference in their life. I know we make a fuss when christian singers mingle with secular singers..but who's going to shine the light if we remove ourselves from those in darkness. I didn't get a chance to sit with Michael and talk about Jesus, but we still have a chance to those who are still living.

God bless everyone who took the time to read this...please keep the Jackson's in prayer.

thank you.

That's ok to God be the glory for all the good things he has done.
When we need prayer may he provide.
May his peace be upon those who lost a son, brother, father, uncle and cousin.
Let your salvation be known to those who are lost.

In Jesus name ..Amen

I pray dear the name of Jesus Christ, that Michael Jackson is at peace finally and is cherished and loved by You. Michael Jackson had an impact on my life and I believed that he was trying to spread a message of decency to the world. I pray that he is safe with You Jesus and receives the love and acceptance that he so deserves.



THANK YOU so very much for all the beauty you've given the world. Thank you for sharing your talent, for the happiness, the excitement, the magic, the anticipation, the wonder, the mastery, for all that's shiny and sparkly and so splendidly bright. Thank you for the music, the words, the tunes that will never get old. Thank you for singing to us with that beautiful voice. Thank you for the emotion, the elation and all that was such a true revelation. Thank you for the dance, the dance, wow - the dance! Thank you for the energy, the beat, for the movement you channeled from God to your feet. Thank you for the smiles, the laughter, the joy of life that shone in your eyes and went straight to our hearts. Thank you for your daring, your innovation, for keeping the world on its toes with cutting edge inspiration. Thank you for the dreams, the surprises, the fantasy and the hope. Thank you for the adventure and for challenging the status quo.

Wind walker, star talker

Moon gazer, trail blazer

Angel soul, child heart

Human end, divine start

A little girl saw a pearl

She held it tight and long

Within that pearl, she saw the world

Its secrets in His song

He sang of love,

Through tears of laughter

He sang of now,

And life hereafter

His words took flight

Spiraled ever higher

My heart's delight

My spirit's fire

On and on and on He went

On roads well traveled

In time well spent

He helped me to break free

From the pain of the lies of separation

He helped me to see

With the truth through the eyes of salvation

Through purrs and whispers.......a graceful kiss

With songs and prayerful bliss

He took my hand.......He made it right

He welcomed me....... into the light.

Out of the ecstasy of divine union of light and dark

She opens her eyes.

Spinning through the void of the nothing

Taking in the beauty of the all

She opens her heart.

Laughing, she throws back her head,

Stirring sparkling stars.

Diving into white,

Splashing foaming colors,

Red, orange, yellow, mold her body

Green, blue, indigo, violet form her soul.

Everything is perfect.

Everything is here.

Love, peace, beauty, perfection, divinity

What more could she ask for?

How much could she bare?

She is Mother

To glistening, embryonic, gems of Thought.

She is alone,

Grappling with growing desires of more.

Curious images of experiences of sharing...

Far-reaching familiar feelings of impossibilities

Freefalling back into herself, she glimpses a smile.

She accepts a hug,

Then tastes a kiss.

She bats her eyes and

From within, he flows forward.

He is Father

To turbulent, toddler-like, torrents of Action.

One-Two, One-Two

Me and You

A stand-alone-together.

They embrace, and fill the world

With light, love, and longing.

She and He, of all they see.

What more could they ask for?

How much could they bare?

They create, and change the world.

One, Two, Three

A bounty of We.

She is Child,

With laughter, expectation, and grace to be Free.

Separation is a myth.

Dearest Creator, we pray,
Gently guide the soul of your son, Michael Jackson, back home.
Hold him close, renew him.
Enfold him in your divine grace.
May he be healed and made whole again.

He was a bright star but also led a sad life.
Please heal the hurtful parts and
those who may have been hurt in some way.

As we remember his contributions and controversies,
As we listen to his music and watch his videos,
As we hear so many recount their memories of him,
Let us be thankful for all he has given us,
And let us hope for healing for all from the darker side of fame and fortune.


Dear God, Divine Spirit of love and compassion,
Please grace us with your loving presence,
As we take a moment to remember Michael Jackson.

The world has been stunned by the loss of one so young,
We grieve that life has come to an end for this great talent.
Many fans share this time of pain and sorrow,
As well as the sadness of this shocking end to an era.

Please help those who are suffering through this loss,
We ask, especially, that you uphold his family,
That you comfort his grieving mother,
And that you embrace his children,
Who now must go on without a parent.
May they find solace, somehow, in the love flowing forth for their father.

For all those who grieve, please bring peace in knowing
that his spirit, his music, and his contribution will live on. Amen