Prayer For Our City

Father, thank you for the opportunity to work. Thank you for providing a way for bills to be paid and for food to be on the table. God, as I work today, help me to remember I work for you. Help me to prioritize my tasks. Partner with me as I field phone calls, solve problems, and collaborate with co-workers. Create in me a heart that works with honesty, patience, and integrity. Let people see you when they see me at work. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Thank you, God, for the body of believers who are called to serve you, who are proclaiming the Good News to all who will hear. From those who minister across the country to the men, women, and youth here at home, send us out to be a light in the dark. Send us out to speak life. Send us out to extend grace and mercy. Send us out to feed the hungry, to befriend the lonely, to find the lost. Open the doors of this church and fill it with the broken, the angry, the hurting. Let them find forgiveness and comfort here in the presence of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Dear Father, I pray against city leaders who are driven by satanic kingdoms and principles in Jesus Name. Lord, please transform their thinking and destroy their waywardness by the blood of Jesus. Help our city leaders to put on the mind of Christ, because Your Word says, to set Your mind on things above and not on the things of the earth. So Father, help every city leader to set their mind on what You have called them to do, according to Your will and purpose, Amen.

Heavenly Father, we pray for city leaders as You give them responsibility to watch and guide over the nations they serve. Lord, just as you told prophet Ezekiel, that You have made him watchmen for the people of Israel; I pray for city leaders, that they will be godly watchmen and watchwomen over Your creation. We pray that just as You renewed Ezekiel's call as watchman, I pray that you will renew the call for every city leader, Amen.

By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, but by the mouth of the wicked it is torn down. (Proverbs 11:11) Lord, raise up righteousness in our city. Thank You for all You are doing here. Thank You that Waco is called to be a city set on a hill. Thank You that Waco is a place where families can flourish and faith can be abundant and authentic. Lord, we pray for Your literal wall of protection to fall down over us and upon us. Lord, we resist every demonic assignment and pray that anything acknowledging itself against the living God would be torn down. We pray for every evil thing to be bound and for there to be a release of the Holy Spirit to draw us back to You.

Lord Jesus, we are thankful for our mayor, our city council, our police officers and our law enforcement that serve our city and the surrounding areas. Empower them by the Holy Spirit to do the work You have called them to do. We ask You to protect them from every work of the enemy and every demonic assignment that would come at them physically, mentally, emotionally and relationally. We bless our law enforcement with great grace to lead, protect and guide our city at this time.

Righteous Father, You know how we are all so connected by family, friendship, fellowship, and faith so we Christians should be united in praying for our local community and for those who have not yet trusted in Christ. It is for those who are separated from You God that we pray for, that You would open their minds to see their falling desperately short of Your glory (Rom 3:32) and that we all deserve only death but You offer all who would come to You eternal life, found only in Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12; Rom 6:23). Please help me and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to not be afraid to speak up and tell others that dying outside of having faith in Christ will result in eternal punishment (Rev 20:12-15). We should care enough about people to warn them about God's wrath being on all who refuse to believe in Christ (John 3:36b) so put a tender heart for the lost in my chest. I ask all of these things for the glory of and in the name of the Great Son of God, Jesus Christ, amen.

Holy God, my Father, thank You for the many blessings that our local community has. I pray for those who are in the offices that govern this community and county and that they make wise and godly decisions which are always in the best interests of the community. I am glad that we have the freedom to speak up and vote for those who oppose our set of values. Even if I differ from these leaders, I pray for them to be blessed by You God and also those who are in law enforcement. Please protect them in their line of duty so that they might protect those of us who have placed our trust in them. God, please bless these men and women in city government, the mayor's office, the commission, and all elected officials and certainly those who put themselves in harm's way like law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS workers. I am so thankful we have all of these and in Jesus' precious name I pray, amen.