Prayer For Neighbors

Dear Jesus,
I ask for you to consider me at this time.
You know the problems with the people who live near us.
You know the whole situation.
I'm reminded of the scriptures:
"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies" (Psalm 23:5).

Lord God, we pray for guidance for our local pastors as they nurture Your congregation and seek to serve those around them. We pray congregations would welcome neighbors with open arms. We hope for residents to find a place to experience community with the body of Christ as they grow spiritually.

God Almighty, we ask for healthy, thriving relationships between neighbors. We pray different cultures will be able to understand and care for one another in our neighborhood. We pray that the diversity of your people will be celebrated by all neighbors, just as you affirm and love each one of us.

We pray for our communities -
that snapshot of humanity
with all ages, backgrounds,
education, employment status,
politics and religious viewpoint
who are our neighbours
in the streets where we live.
We pray for all of them;
not only those we know by name
and chat to through the day,
but also less familiar faces
about whom we know so little
and pass by with just a smile.
Bless their homes and families,
and let your love and peace
so shine within this community
that smiles turn to conversations,
and strangers become friends.
We pray this through Jesus Christ,
the Prince of Peace. Amen

Bless the good neighbours, Lord,
who call to check that all is well,
and share a cup of tea and chat
with those who struggle to get out,
and whose gentle act of service
brings a ray of light into a day
that would otherwise be cheerless.
Bless them, and all who likewise
give of their time for others
in following your good example,
that this might become a better
and more caring world in which to live.

Thank You for the comfort of family and friends. The warm embrace of a mother and father, siblings, and husband, wife...extended family. There is something about being related that earns our trust easier other relationships. When and if that trust is broken through abuse and/or abandonment, we pray for your protection physically, and Your guardianship of our hearts and minds. Empower us to seek help and counsel from You, and from others trained to help us remove ourselves from danger and harm. Anyone intending to harm us or treat us abusively is never someone You intend us to linger with.

Oh, God {name} needs You! Please encourage her in her faith. Comfort her with your love. May all her relationships be sweet because Your Spirit fills her. Soften her heart and give her grace to be compassionate. Please bring unity and harmony to her family and help her to esteem and respect different personalities and opinions. May her love for You motivate her to work with others to solve life's problems. Bring them to agreement and solidarity; drive out selfish desires and personal ambitions. May Your Spirit make her humble, and may she have the confidence to think of others' needs before her own. Help her to be Christlike in every encounter You bring to her today.

Dear God, please bless {name} and {name} with a love that overflows out of their love for you. Gently lead them to spiritual maturity and knowledge of Your will for their home. Teach them Your priorities for their family. May they each follow You on a path of righteous living so that they can live together in confidence and trust. May other see their marriage and marvel, giving You praise for all You have done in their hearts.