Prayer For My Unborn Son

Every food I eat and every drug that I will take will not work contrary to my health or that of my baby in Jesus name.

Lord Jesus, I thank you for the conception of this baby, I receive it as a special gift from you: empower me to carry it unto safe delivery in Jesus name.

Lord, Our greatest hope is that this baby would grow to love and follow you. This sweet and simple verse reminds us that it's in your doing that they would fall in love with you. Help us as parents to guide them in your ways and show them what it looks like to truly love you first. Thank you for loving us God! Amen.

Lord, I ask that you help us prepare for parenting this child. That you would guide us in sharing your love and our faith with them. This life isn't about us, but is to bring glory to your name. I pray that we can be good examples of your goodness and teach them right from wrong. Our mission is to prepare them for the day they come before you. Thank you God for the gift of parenting! Amen.

I am not afraid of pregnancy or childbirth because I am fixed and trusting upon You, Father. I believe that my pregnancy and childbirth will be void of all problems. Thank You, Father, that all decisions regarding my pregnancy and delivery will be godly, that the Holy Spirit will intervene. Lord, You are my Dwelling Place, and I rest in the knowledge that evil will not come near me and no sickness or infirmity will strike me or my unborn child.

For every child who lives in the womb,
that God might send an angel to guard and protect
the innocent and defenseless;
We pray to the Lord

For every little child
and especially for those who
live in their mother's womb,
that they might grow
in the image and likeness of
the God who made them;
We pray to the Lord

Almighty Father,
give us courage to proclaim the supreme dignity
of all human life and to demand
that society itself give its protection.
We ask this in your name,
through the redemptive act
of your Son and in the Holy Spirit.