Prayer For My Unborn Baby Girl

Lord, Thank you for blessing us with this baby, who you have created in my womb. Before we even knew about this child, you had a plan for their life. God, please help us show this child that they are truly loved. That you created them perfectly in your eyes. I pray we can encourage them not just by our words but more importantly by our actions. Thank you God for this beautiful gift! Amen.

Father, thank You for protecting me and my baby and for our good health. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayers. Amen.

Heavenly Father, I confess that You are my Refuge; I trust You during this pregnancy and childbirth. I am thankful that You have put angels at watch over me and my unborn child. I cast all the care and burden of this pregnancy over on You, Lord. Your grace is sufficient for me through this pregnancy; You strengthen my weaknesses.

For the littlest child in her mother's womb,
that in her life we may see the infinite love of God;
We pray to the Lord

Heavenly Father,

You have created in me new life, a little baby, unique and perfect and so full of joy! Each time I feel this little one with me I am more excited! I feel such wonder and such blessings.

I ask for your Almighty hand to hold and keep us as we carry this precious gift. I trust in your care and protection and look forwards to watching this little person grow more on earth.

Thank you.

Lord, I pray that your hand of grace would be on this child, not only in the womb but once he is born. May he come to know and love You Lord, and grow into a strong and healthy little child who comes to know the Lord Jesus as his Saviour.

Father, I thank and praise You for all the great things that you have done for me, and for all the things as yet unknown that You have in store for us all. Lord, I love you and stand in awe of the wonderful miracle of life that is growing inside of me and I lift up my hands to praise Your glorious name.


Dear Heavenly Father,
You are Creator of all and the Giver of life. You have created humankind in your image to reflect your glory to the world, and we praise you for the work your hands have done. On this Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, we mourn that many of your precious sons and daughters have lost their lives too soon. We grieve their absence today and every day.

God, you see my baby in my womb. You know her every detail, every muscle, every bone, every bit of her beautiful body, mind, heart, and soul. No matter how she is formed, she is beautiful and she is beloved by you. Grant me peace throughout this pregnancy, that I would surrender every worry or fear to you. May I take heart, knowing you have overcome the world and made a way for us to be near to you in heaven someday and on earth here now. No matter what comes, be near, Jesus. Bring comfort and peace, bring blessed assurance. In your name, Amen.