Prayer For My Son's Future Wife

Make my child's spouse considerate and sensitive, a giving, loving Christian man who can place others needs before his own without losing his personal identity (1 John. 3:1618).

My husband and I have learned in our own marriage that God's plan is much bigger than our own and for this reason I pray most of all that my son and his future wife will find God's purpose for them in this life and that they will trust in God and his perfect timing.
I pray that my husband and I (and also her parents) will be there supporting and praying always for them.
I know that I can't plan for what will happen but God knows. I know that as I pray, God sees her face and sees their life together and that while I have no idea who she may be, God is hearing my prayer and is working in my son's life and in her life.
And I know that since I have prayed for him, I will find peace in letting go when it comes time for him to leave us and join together with his wife as one.

I pray, first, that my son will come to know Jesus as his Savior and that he will always submit himself to God's will in his life that he could be a good example to his future family.
I pray that God will lead him to the young lady that God has especially for him.
I pray that she will be healthy, safe and happy in all aspects of her life.
I pray that she has a loving, supportive family that will provide her with a great example of how a husband and wife should love each other and their children.
I pray that she will give her heart to Jesus and that she will desire God's will to be done in her life.
I pray that God will intervene to protect her from any mistakes in life that may later cause her pain and regret.
I pray that she will always be aware that her virtue is priced far above rubies.
I pray that she will find in my son stability, love, happiness and a strong desire to do God's will.

Father, thank you for creating us with the capacity to love deeply. We know that relationships begin with the feeling of love, but we know that relationships flourish only by acting in love. You showed us the greatest act of love by sending Jesus to die for our sins. I pray that my child's spouse is experiencing Your great love at this very moment. Help them to receive Your redeeming love in a very personal way. Give them a heart that is full of love and ready and willing to forgive the mistakes that will happen their marriage. Show them what it looks like for love to win. Amen.

Father, thank you for the intricate way you have knitted us together in our mother's womb. You made every part of us with the ability to relate to You and to others. Help my child's spouse to keep their entire self puretheir body, their mind, and their spiritas a gift to my child in marriage. Put peers in their lives who value purity and will hold them accountable. Give them role models who are living a life that honors You and honors their spouse. Help them to learn how to rely on You to resist temptation. Show them the way out when it seems too hard to say no. Amen.

Father, thank You for wooing me to Your heart, just as a husband woos his bride. I pray that my child's spouse will sense your unconditional love for them and realize their need for You at a young age. Make them a person after Your own heart. Put people in their life who will share the good news of the Gospel with them and model for them what a life led by Christ looks like. Give them the desire to follow You and the courage to say yes to You all the days of their life. May their relationship with You grow stronger day-by-day. Help them to trust You wholeheartedly and to always put You first, even after marriage. Amen.

You are the author of life, and You are love. You created my son and you have plans for him. Thank You for allowing me to be his mother for this time, short as it may be. God I pray that You give him eyes to see, and a heart to desire, the woman You are preparing for him.
Even right now, Father, make Yourself known to my son's future wife. Create in her a passion for You that will be shadowed by no man. Fill her with Your Spirit. Show her that her purpose in this life is to know You, love You, and glorify You. If she, as a child, right now is not a believer, God pull her towards You in a personal way that she will never forget. Capture her heart and show her what true love is. Before she even meets my son, her future husband, cause her to fall in love with you first and foremost. And give her parents the wisdom to appropriately foster a relationship with You in their home.

Achieve Your purpose, Lord, for my son and the future wife You have for him. Do it Your way, Father, in Your time.