Prayer For My Boyfriend To Get A Job

May God protect you all through the night, I commit your sleeping and waking into the hands of the mightiest God. May you wake up in the morning with a fresh breath. I love you.

The world will bow at your feet and wherever you go, you will see and experience the work of the mighty God in your life sweetheart. Whatever is giving you joy will never be the cause of sadness in your life.

My wishes for you are happiness and prosperity and I pray God grant you all your heart desires. Everything good you ever desire will come to you without stress by God's grace. I love you.

Dear God,
You know my needs. You know my desire for a job, for work I enjoy doing, for the next step in my career to present itself. I pray that you would guide me as I continue on this job hunting journey. May I focus first on your will for my life, putting your desires and your plan above my own wishes and wants. Open doors to new opportunities that you desire for me, and equip me with the skills, knowledge, and wisdom I need to take steps forward in this process. As I craft my resume, write cover letters, submit my applications, connect with new companies and potential employers, and go on interviews, give me the words to speak and the courage to share who I am and what I can do. Give me confidence that can only come from you, and give me humility too. I trust you, Lord-- my life is in your hands. Your will be done. Thank you for being near to me every step of the way and thank you for always providing for my every need. May this all be for your glory.

In your name,

My husband been out of job close to a year now, he gas been trying to find a job, applying lots of places but still havent found any, it pains to see him sad and hurt and giving up, please LORD , please we pray he will get a job soon, AMEN

Dear God,
My husband had to quit his job to stay home with our 6 month old daughter because he was barely getting any hours. He's recently had a job interview with full benefits and I am praying with all my heart and soul that he gets it. I work so much that I hardly get to spend anytime with my daughter so we could both use the break. The constant stressing is starting to cause health issue for not only us but also my parents who help us out from time to time. I know that we doing are any everything on our end to help our family. I am just asking for a little help to get us through these tough times.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Lord please help my husband in this his time of need.he needs you to help him find a job where he is happy and stable.Lord help him to find a job soon in a quick way.I know you answer prayers as quickly as possible.I have my trust and faith in you and ask for your help with a heavy heart.I love you father with my whole heart and soul.In Jesus name Amen.

Dear lord God,

I pray to you that you will hear my prayers and grant them. I know you do what you do because you love us, and now I come to you and ask that you help my boyfriend land a job. He already had three interviews and really impressed the interviewers. I ask you lord, if you could help open their hearts to hire him.

You see our struggles and know us better then anyone would ever will. I ask you as a person who sees her love struggling and it hurts me and I do not know what else to do except to continue praying to you in hopes you will hear my pleas and prayers.

I thank you for everything and everyone I have in my life now and hope you will continue to bless my family, my boyfriend and I was good fortunes and miracles. Amen.