Prayer For My Boyfriend To Marry Me

Dear Heavenly Father,i thank you for the gift of life that you have given to all of us,forgive us Lord for our trespasses,i pray through Jesus Christ your son and through the holy spirit,i have no faith at all that my boyfriend can marry me and I'm sorry for that, but I really pray we both settle down and get married this year I beg you father please grant this prayer. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ I have prayed. Please brethren pray for me.Amen

God bless us Philipp Michael Braune and Rose to love each other together forever in holy matrimony.Strengthen us all throughout our lives together. Bless us with a newborn baby filled with everlasting love from up above in God's will be done Amen.

Lord. I give you thanks I give you all the glory for you are worthy. Lord I put all our requests to you our lord and saviour Jesus we are nothing without you. Help us to seek you to get close to you your kingdom and all our gift shall be added unto us. Hallelujah. Help us to seek you the blesser and not just our blessing.

Lord all these requests for prayers I pray you will grant every needs according to your will. Jesus help us to recognise when you are giving us the answers we need. Help us with the understanding of your word. Lead us to your word that will reassure us. And give us clarity and confirmation. In Jesus name Amen.