Prayer For Math Class

Lord teach me to number my daysAnd graph them according to your waysTrusting you to base me in my planTo complement your perfect diagramSubtract the points you do not want from meBut add the values you have set for meDivide the dividends I possess accordinglySo I can multiply them systematically.Draw the lines I have to followGuide me properly with your arrowBecause sometimes I tend to be irrationalYet all the while you want me to be rational.Well I learn that life is like a slopeWith its ascends and descends that I must copeGoing through such a wonderful formulaIs just like solving problem in algebraLife is indeed an infinite equationPerfected by your eternal computationAnd only a minuscule yet projectionGive thanks and praise your Almighty creation

Dear God,

Thank you for increasing good attitude here in the worldmay you subtract the bad things we have done to you..equal us like a good saint you giveAmen

Lord Jesus, I pray today that you multiply your grace on me.
Subtract and take away all of my sins by your mercy you have shed on me.
Add to my awareness a better understanding of your will for me in my life.
I will divide my blessings and grace with those that are not as fortunate as I am.
In your perfect and most holy name I come to you, Jesus, and ask these things. Amen.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for all the blessings you have added to my life. to my family, friends, classmates and teachers. may the sum of this gifts multiply your goodness and grace as Lord and savior. guide us to the way that is true so there may be no division from your grace. let me be the multiplier of your goodness and let no evil be a divisor of all men. may our faith in you dear Lord subtract sins and make us true and faithful as a product of your love. in Jesus' name. Amen.

Dear LordJesus, I ask for:
addition of your mercy so I can be a mercy giver,
subtraction of temptations so that I do not fall into sin,
multiplication of your love so I can be a reflected image of your character for others,
and a dividing of your resources so I can be a house of refuge for the downcast.
In your name I pray to you, Jesus, Amen.

We thank you a hundredfold for the love and care that you have given us. May we return to you your good works by multiplying it with love and respect, adding more faith, subtracting worldly behavior and evil works, and dividing your given talents to others, so we can sum them all and be united as one in your family. In this we pray, Amen.

Almighty God
We pray to You
To have our joys added
Sorrows subtracted
Friends multiplied
Love divided
And problems be solved

Dear God,

May we, through your blessings,

add purity to the world,

subtract evil from our lives,

multiply Your good news,

and divide Your gifts and share them with others.