Prayer For Job Problems

Lord, help my boss and me to establish a working relationship of trust. Help him/her to see that I am responsible and able to handle tasks and complete assignments on my own.

Give them confidence in my ability to do my job and to follow direction. Show me ways that I can help to establish trust and confidence with my boss. Reveal to me how I can give assure that I can do my job.

Help my boss to deal with any pressure or insecurity that he/she may be receiving from his/her own boss that is causing the micromanagement of others.

I have made a mistake that has the potential to impact others in a negative way. I have not lived up to my role as I should, and I need your help. God, show me what to do and how to move forward in fixing what I have done. Help others to view my mistake as nothing more and remind them of my hard work and dedication to the company.

Lord, allow this to be an opportunity of learning and growth and not one of embarrassment and shame. Help me to spot the places that need improvement and the best way to make those changes. Help me to be more aware of what I am doing and to take notice of when something could be done better. Let the criticism that I received be used for my betterment and allow me to use it as a push towards better performance.

Help me to move forward no longer making the same mistake and working to prevent future mistakes.

(Lord) I work with people who often put their work off on other people, and it is starting to frustrate me. I am not sure if it is something they do intentionally or if they are not aware of it.

Help them to see their gifts and talents and the desire to use them to fulfill the duties of their work. Give them confidence in their own ability to complete their work and take pride in hard work rather than laziness.

Give me the boldness to say no. To no longer take on work that is not my responsibility and to explain why I refuse to do so, in a way that they understand without causing division.

Lord, there is a toxic coworker at my workplace who is sowing discord and strife amongst other workers. Their actions are harmful and are affecting the team negatively.

Open the eyes of this individual so that they may see the harm in their own ways. I ask that forgiveness may be in the hearts of those who have been hurt by this person's actions.

If need be, help us to address this issue with professionalism to find peace at work. I ask that unity may be among us once again and that we begin to treat each other respectfully.

I understand that everyone operates differently and at a different pace, but I ask that you help us to work in unity. I believe that I can make clear, concise decisions, and I ask that you help others involved to recognize that.

Help me to explain my thoughts on the decision and why it must be made professionally. Help us not to be overly cautious, but to be confident in our information and the decision we believe to be the right one.

God, I ask that you take the lead and guide us to a well informed and timely decision.

Heavenly Father, I thank You for being with me wherever I go! I know that even in my workplace I can be strong and courageous because You are with me. I thank You because I am never alone nor forsaken. Lord I pray that I remember that I am always walking with Your light. So Lord, help me shine it in my workplace; this is the prayer of my heart, Amen.

Dear God, I thank you for the blessings that I have received, for giving me life, good family and friends, food to eat, good health, safe travels, and everything You have done for me. I am facing a big challenge with my work, every day I wake up with a heavy heart, and I am full of anxiety and fear of what may happen, I am having doubts with myself and I don't think I can overcome this alone. Please forgive me Lord God for having weak faith and sometimes think of giving up everytime I fail and make mistakes. I know that You will not give us challenges we can't overcome. I ask for your help and guidance as I complete my tasks and guide every decision that I make. Please bless us with motivation, strength, wisdom, knowledge as we do our work and help us overcome the problems we encounter with work. Amen.

(Lord) Everything at work is a competition with one of my coworkers. Although I can sometimes be competitive, the need to be competitive daily is draining.

Help my coworker to see that although a competitive nature is healthy in the workplace, we are also a team that must work in harmony without the constant need for competition. Help them to channel their competitive energy in a positive way that does not affect others negatively.

Help me to be patient, understanding that not everyone is like me. Help me to embrace their individuality and not upset by their competitive nature. Show me a kind and professional way to express my disinterest in their constant competition.