Prayer For Jesus To Be With Me

Dear Lord, I pray that I may love others with a Christ-like love, and that I may show compassion on those who live in my neighbourhood. Father, I know that I need Your love and Your patience in this area as I have some quite difficult neighbours who are causing some problems here. Lord, change my heart to a heart that loves as You loved. Change my attitude to look with compassion on my neighbours, rather than with irritation of distain. Help me to view them as You do, dead in their trespasses and sins, estranged from God and in need of a Saviour.

Lord, help me to take each negative thought that I have about them captive, the moment that it arises in my heart. I know that this is pleasing to You and I know that this is what You desire of all Your children. Create in me a heart of gentle love and kind compassion and show me how I may witness of Your love, both with my actions as well as my words. Keep me from a self-righteous attitude towards them, for I know that I too was once estranged from You and in Your grace and mercy You picked me up and saved me.

Father, I pray that each one may come to a saving faith in You and that You would change me to be the neighbour that You would have me be. I ask this in Jesus' name,


Heavenly Father, more and more I come to understand what the Lord Jesus meant when He said that He is one with the Father, and prayed that His disciples may be one. I see that love is a precious union of heart and a sweet communion of spirit, and just as the Father and Son emanate the same powerful love, so we too are to have that same beautiful love developing in us, by the power of the Spirit.

Lord, I pray that the body of Christ may become united as one, and abound in the unity of the spirit more and more in love, not compromising truth but showing a genuine concern for one another. I pray that individually and collectively, we may live godly lives in Christ Jesus and seek to encourage and edify one another, seeking to be of the same mind and having the same godly love for each another.

I pray that we may be united in spirit and in purpose, and that we do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but rather with humility of mind regard the needs of the other as more important than our own. This I ask in the name of Jesus, Who died for us all.


O God, I thank Thee for the Shepherd's Psalm, I shall read it often and profit from its insights into life and living.

I thank Thee that I have a deeper appreciation for Your abiding Presence and wonderful love.

Help me to love as I ought and be what I ought to be instead of merely telling myself, This I ought to do. Help me do it.

In Christ's name I pray,


Heavenly Father, I have fallen in and out of love with so many people and yet in my heart, I know that You have created us to love and to be loved, with a deep and lasting love that is a mirror of the depth of love that Christ has for the Church. Father, You have demonstrated to us, through the Lord Jesus Christ, the tremendous depth of love that You desire in each of Your children, a love that flows from You to us, a love that should flow through us to others.

Develop in me the depth of love that loves as Christ loved. And Lord, I pray that I may be permitted to share that love with a true and lasting soul-mate. Father, I have fallen in and out of love before, but I pray that I may develop a new and extraordinary depth of love that comes only through You, so that at the right time You would bring into my life that kindred-sprit and soul-mate, whose love for me is only exceeded by their love of You. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Who loved me, and gave His life for me.


Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for Your deep love towards me and thank You for sending Your only begotten Son, my Saviour Jesus Christ to suffer on the cross for my sake, so that my sins could be forgiven and that I may live with You for ever in heaven. Lord, I know that I do not warrant Your love and yet You have showered unconditional love and grace towards me through Christ, for which I praise and thank You.

But Lord, You desire all Your children to love others as Christ loved us, but my love is poor and weak and is far removed for all that You desire of me. Fill me I pray, with the love of Christ that I may love others in the same way that Christ loved me, so that as Your love pours into my soul, I may be used as a conduit for Christ's love to stream out to others with whom I come into contact.

Help me to demonstrate Your love, not only to those that are lovable, but also to those who lash out at me through pain or anger, disappointment or loss. May the love of Jesus be manifested in me, and may the love of Jesus be distributed, by grace through faith, to all with whom I come in contact. In Jesus' name I pray,


O Lord, when you said to your disciples, One of you shall betray Me, they each asked, Lord, is it I? I pray, O God, for a love so strong that I will never betray Thee.


The cross of Christ be with me;
The cross of Christ overcomes all water and every fire;
The cross of Christ overcomes all weapons;
The cross of Christ is a perfect sign and blessing to my soul.
May Christ be with me and my body during all my life
At day and at night. Now I pray, I [name], pray God the Father
For the soul's sake, and I pray God the Son for the Father's sake,
And I pray God the Holy Ghost for the Father's and Son's sake,
And I pray God the Holy Ghost for the for the Father's and the Son's sake,
That the holy corpse of God may bless me against all evil things, words and works.
The Cross of Christ
The cross of Christ open unto me future bliss;
The cross of Christ be with me, above me, before me,
Behind me, beneath me, aside of me and
Everywhere, and before all my enemies,
Visible and invisible; these all flee from me
As soon as they but know or hear.
Enoch and Elias, the two prophets, were never
Imprisoned, nor bound, nor beaten and came
Never out of their power; thus no one of my enemies
Must be able to injure or attack me in my body
Or my life, in the name of God the Father, the Son,
And the Holy Ghost. Amen!

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for the wonderful example of godly living, in humble dependence upon the Spirit of God and in loving obedience to the will of the Father.
Thank You, that by the life You lived and the death You died, that You set an example of how I too may live in spirit and truth, through humble dependence upon the Spirit of God and in loving obedience to the will of the Father.
Help me to live as unto You day by day and may I also be willing to suffer the indignity, indifference and injustice that exemplified Your life, so that like You, I too may learn obedience through the things that I may be called upon to suffer. May my life be a living reflection of You, and develop in me a pure heart of grace and love and a focussed mind, where You become the standard of my life. Give me I pray, a spirit of humility, as I seek to live as unto You, Lord Jesus, in the power of the Spirit and to the glory of God.
May the life that I live, the words that I speak, the attitude that I develop and the motives of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, my God and my Redeemer. May You be seen in me, as He starts to increase more and more in my life and as I decrease in importance, so that those with whom I come into contact will be drawn to You, Jesus, and be brought into a saving knowledge of You, to the glory of the Father.