Prayer For Healing Broken Bones

God of love,
God of peace,
God of Freedom,
bring release
to the hungry
and oppressed,
refugees and

God of hope,
God of Grace,
God of mercy,
show your face
to the fearful
and the broken,
prisoner, jailer,

When I pray for healing, Lord,
I sometimes feel so inadequate,
ill-equipped for the task.
There are so many I could name
who are in need of healing.
Those who hurt physically,
and others whose hurts go deeper,
whose scars cannot be seen to the naked eye.
Yet all need healing,
all need making whole again.
There are broken bones
and broken hearts, Lord.

You had a way,
a gentle and loving way
of dealing with hurts,
physical and spiritual.
You healed the whole person,
something medicine can never do.
You reached the very cause,
not just the symptoms.

When I pray for healing, Lord,
I sometimes feel so inadequate,
ill-equipped for the task.
All I can do
is bring their names to your feet,
holding them tightly in my prayers,
then hand them over
for you to touch,
in the way that only you
can touch.

I prayed
"Please Lord,
my life is a mess,
let your love flow through me
and bring healing"
And like a river,
cool refreshing water,
you flowed through me.
Not as a gentle stream,
a rivulet of hope,
but a torrent
sweeping debris away.
All those broken branches,
rust-encrusted items
and accumulated debris
which were holding back the flow,
swept aside in a torrent of love,
flooding through my veins,
pouring into my heart,
filling my life.
This is healing.
Thank you, Lord

Sometimes, Heavenly Father
The answer has to be 'I don't know!'
'I don't know why
there is so much suffering in the world.'
'I don't know why
that child was not restored to full health.'
'I don't know why
people can be so cruel, uncaring, selfish.'
Platitudes cannot console a grieving parent,
a starving child,
a battered wife.
Sometimes, Heavenly Father,
our faith is challenged by this world,
a world that is less concerned with others
than with self.
Sometimes, in being honest,
we open ourselves to ridicule.
The world would prefer certainty,
but the only certainty is you,
who created humankind with the capacity
for good and ill,
and gave the world your Son
whom we crucified.
'I don't know!'
might seem a lame excuse to some,
but we trust in your eternal love
for a mankind which has fallen.
We thank you that we are not robots,
but have freedom of choice.
Help us to make right choices,
choices that affect lives.
Help us to play our part in changing this world,
rather than merely sitting back as spectators
and criticising.
Help us to see this world
through your eyes of love.

For all agents of healing we thank you.
For the truly miraculous, for doctors and nurses.
For friends who pray with actions as well as words.
For the peace that comes from knowing your presence
throughout our suffering.
For the knowledge that you bring wholeness,
in this world and throughout eternity.

Father, we are so hesitant
in asking for healing,
real physical healing.
So hesitant in asking
your Spirit to touch our lives.
It is almost as if we are afraid
that in hoping for a trickle,
we unleash a torrent.
Forgive our timidity, Father,
our lack of faith
in the Creator of this universe.
Forgive our unbelief,
as we take your Word,
apply it to our hearts,
open the floodgates,
and anticipate a deluge.

Dear St. Stanislaus, angel of purity and seraph of charity, while you bore bravely the pain of illness and broken bones, you stood unwaveringly in your faith during your hours of distress. You were miraculously cured through the love and care of your patron, St. Barbara, and Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

You know the pains I am suffering because of my broken bones. Please ask our Lord to grant me peace and patience during my suffering. Agree with me in prayer before God for His prompt healing and relief that I so much desire. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Dear Precious Lord, you are awesome in all things. You are a mender of broken bones and bruised egos. You are alpha and omega, an everlasting help in times of trouble. There is a teenager that broken his collarbone. I'm asking and pleading that you mend that broken bone back to the way you formed it, Lord, that you take the pain away or make it bearable while healing it. Lord, the doctor said it will take five to six weeks to heal. Lord, I am praying and claiming that you can heal that broken bone in the twinkling of an eye, that you are the main supreme doctor. You said in your word, Lord, that if we ask unwavering in our faith that you will answer our prayers. This is a wonderful young man, Lord, and he loves you. Heal him right now, Lord. Take away the pain. Make him whole again. In your name I pray, Jesus. Amen.