Prayer For Healing Cancer Patient

God, You had a simple plan to save me. Thank You that my faith alone makes me right in Your sight! Unlike all other religions, I don't have to do anything to earn my salvation. Help me to accept and believe that this cancer is not the result of my not doing enough to be a good person, or falling short of Your standard. My relationship is made right with You from start to finish, only by believing and trusting in You. Thank You that I am made righteous by faith alone. Thank You for coming to save me.

Lord, my eternal relationship with You began from the moment I first believed. I don't need to work for it, and I don't need to hope it will come to pass someday. My life in You is a done deal. It is not based on my feelings, my struggles, or even this cancer. I have life only because I have You! In You, I live and move and have my very existence. Thank You for Your assurance that I am Your child and You will never leave or forsake me. Help me to comprehend what this new life in You actually means, through good times and bad, in health and in sickness. Thank You, Lord, the Giver of Life!

God, hear my prayer, / And let my cry come to You / Do not hide from me in the days of my distress / Turn to me and speedily answer my prayer. / Eternal God, source of healing / Out of my distress I call upon You. / Help me sense Your presence / At this difficult time. / Grant me patience when the hours are heavy; / In hurt or disappointment give me courage. / Keep me trustful in Your love

Whenever Allah's messenger paid a visit to a patient or a patient was brought to him, he used to invoke Allah, saying, Take away the disease, O the Lord of the People! Cure him as You are the One who cures. There is no cure but Yours, A cure that leaves no disease.

O Lord, Your mercies are new to me every day! I give You thanks for the renewing of my health, for the relief from pain and worry. Continue Your healing within me, that I may return to the work You have given me to do for You. Through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

When comes the help / Of Allah, and victory, / And thou dost see / The people enter Allah's Religion In crowds, / Celebrate the praises / Of thy Lord, and we pray / For His forgiveness:

For He is oft-returning

O God of all hope, whatever happens during this day is in Your hands. Strengthen me in my weakness, give skill to those who minister to me, and grant me confidence and faith in Your healing power. Through Jesus Christ my Lord I pray. Amen.

Suffer me not, O my Lord, To be deprived of the knowledge of Thee in Thy days, And divest me not of the robe of Thy guidance. Give me to drink of the river that is life indeed, Whose waters have streamed forth from the paradise (Ridvan) In which the throne of Thy Name, The All-Merciful, was established, That my eyes may be opened, And my face is illumined