Prayer For Guidance In Life

Dearest Heavenly Father, Lord of all Heaven and Earth, I come humbly to Your feet at this time to ask for Your divine guidance and Your loving direction in my life.

You already know Lord why I come to Your feet as You know everything about me and nothing can be hidden from Your loving sight. Father, please guide me because I have lost my direction.

Father, I confess that I am tempted to be afraid when life feels uncertain. When life feels confusing, I'm tempted to try to figure out everything myself, and when I do that, I become afraid. Because the reality is that I can't figure the future out. Only you know the future. Only you know all things.

I ask that you would give me divine peace as I seek your guidance. You promise the peace that passes understanding. You promise to keep him in perfect peace whose mind is fixed on you. With that in mind, I am fixing my mind on you. I call to mind your faithfulness and goodness and trustworthiness.

I am trusting you. I am placing all my hope in you. When I do that, I find your peace. Please help me to keep my mind stayed on you, always trusting in who you are and your utter faithfulness. I can't manufacture divine peace. Only you can give it to me. Thank you that you will give me your peace.

From all eternity, O Lord,
You planned my very existence and my destiny.
You wrapped me in Your love in baptism
and gave me the Faith
to lead me to an eternal life
of happiness with You.
You have showered me with Your graces
and You have been always ready
with Your mercy and forgiveness
when I have fallen.
Now I beg You for the light
I so earnestly need
that I may find the way of life
in which lies the best fulfillment of Your will.
Whatever state this may be,
give me the grace necessary
to embrace it with love of Your holy will,
as devotedly as Your Blessed Mother did Your will.
I offer myself to You now,
trusting in Your wisdom and love
to direct me in working out my salvation
and in helping others
to know and come close to You,
so that I may find my reward
in union with You for ever and ever.


Lord Jesus, may everything I do begin with You,
continue with Your help,
and be done under Your guidance.
May my sharing in the Mass free me from my sins,
and make me worthy of Your healing.
May I grow in Your Love and Your service,
and become a pleasing offering to You;
and with You to Your Father.
May the mystery I celebrate help me
to reach eternal life with you.

Jesus go before me, Your presence ahead of my thoughts. Give me clarity of vision, Greater insight Clearer sight. Jesus be beside me, Your friendship informing my decisions. Influencing my every move In rhythm In step. Jesus be behind me, Your wing of protection encircling, Guarding my mind, Covering and keeping Holding me secure. Jesus be beneath me Your legacy, spurring me on. Inspiring my dreams Envisioning Leading. Jesus be above me Your promises to breathe in Filling my heart with your truth With eternities Great light. Jesus be within me. Your Spirit flowing through mine. A life-giving river of grace Ever present And cherished.

Almighty God, in you there is no darkness at all. Give us your eternal light. When we cannot see the way before us, may we continue to put our trust in you, that under your guidance and protection
we may be kept from falling this day, and finally, by your mercy, enter into our rest; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

O Lord, Enlighten our hearts by your holy radiance, Jesus Christ, that we may serve you without fear in holiness and righteousness all the days of our life. In him may we survive the storms of this world,
and by his guidance reach the country of eternal brightness; through your mercy, O blessed Lord, you live and govern all things, now and forever. Amen.

Lord, I'm here today with open hands and an open heart, ready to depend on you to help me through the day and all it will bring my way. Help me be like Nehemiah, help me come to you for guidance, strength, provision and protection. As I face tough choices and hard situations, help me remember my belovedness, help me remember that I am Your child and Your representative to the world around me. Help me live today in a way that brings honor to Your holy name. In Jesus' Name, Amen.