Prayer For Guidance And Discernment

Almighty God,
author of my life,
help me learn to read what you have written on my heart.
Give me discerning eyes
and an untiring spirit
to look within me
in order to understand how to reach outside of me.
And once I have begun to read you aright,
give me the generosity to help others to read you,
to sound you out one letter,
one word of radical giving at a time.

Today, O God of all days,
give me an experience of your heart.
Draw me deep into your very being,
into the core of your love for me, others, and the world.
Give me a glimpse of others the way you see others:
loving them, forgiving them,
and delighting in the way they give glory to God
through their very existence.
Help me to discern out of that open place of deep affection
so that I too might be a useful vessel of your love in the world.

Father, I pray that You might give me a heart of wisdom. I pray that I will always make wise choices; and when two paths seem to be equal, I pray You will help me to trust You even as I make my decision. Give me a heart that is willing to obey You, to respond in faith to the wisdom You give me.

I pray for _______ that they might have a heart of wisdom. Keep them from ungodly counsel that seems good, but will, in the end, be destructive. Keep them from following the path of least resistance, and from friends who would lead them astray. Teach them, even as You teach me, that the wise path is often the most difficult path, but in the end, it's the most rewarding. Direct our paths, O Lord, for we are like sheep who are prone to stray. Make us lovers of wisdom.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Lord of heaven and earth, so many things await me once I take this step. But I cannot make this decision without you. You are the only one who knows how this decision will affect me. I come to you today asking you to help me make sound decisions. Lord, help me be a better judge in every situation that I face. Open my spiritual eyes so that I can see who and what I am dealing with in Jesus' name, I believe, and pray. Amen.

Heavenly Father, like Solomon, I pray for Your divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Lord, I know that it is because of You that I can make the right decisions in line with Your will and purpose. So, Father, I ask for the Spirit of discernment to enable me to make sound decisions that will guide me in standing for truth and righteousness. Father, this is the prayer of my heart; in Jesus Name, Amen.

Righteous God, I declare that Your Kingdom come, and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I pray heavenly Father that when it comes to making decisions I am in line with Your will. Let every decision I make be approved by You in heaven first. I pray that You govern my steps and direct my paths at all times. Thank You for Your divine guidance and correction in my life, Amen.

Thank You, Father, for Your great love for me and that You know my needs and the paths that I will take in the future. Help me to discern what my future needs are, and not to confuse them with my own fleshly desires or the vanities of my heart. Give me true discernment, I pray

Lord, my heart is open to Your leading and guidance and my desire is that I do only those things that are righteous in Your sight. For the sake of Your name, I pray that I may be quiet to listen to Your voice and slow to assume that I know Your will when it is my own fleshly thinking. Give me true discernment I pray, to know Your will.

Lord, I know that Your ways are inscrutable and Your mind is unknowable and yet, You have chosen to take up residence in my feeble body. I pray that I may be used of You to be a good and faithful witness in all I say and do. My desire is to do Your will and not mine. Give me true discernment I pray, and wise council. I ask this in Jesus' name,


Father God,

We thank You for this day. Father, You are the same today as You were yesterday, and as You are tomorrow. Since the beginning of mankind, You sought to have a relationship with Your creation, to instruct us in the way that we ought to go. Father, today we pray for discernment. We pray that the Holy Spirit that indwells within us with give us a peace beyond understanding to know precisely when something is You, and when something is not. Father, we want to be obedient to Your call in our lives. We pray for such discernment to not only make wise choices, but in the course of it all to know we can trust Your guiding hand.

In Jesus Name,