Prayer For Grace And Mercy

Lord, I know you are merciful. I've been taught that you provide grace and mercy in spite of my behavior and in spite of my sins. You are a good God that comes to those that need You, no matter what. And Lord, I need you now in my life more than ever. I know that I'm not perfect. I know that my sins are not hidden from you. I know that, at times, I sin knowing it's a sin. I'm human, Lord, and while that's no excuse, I know you love me despite my human nature.

Lord, I need you today to provide for me. I need your grace in my life to provide strength because I am weak. I face temptations every day, and I wish I could say that I always walk away. I cannot do it alone anymore. I just can't. I need you to give me the strength and provide me with the guidance to overcome these desires to sin. I need you to give me direction in darker times when I wonder if I can even face the next day. You can move the mountains that block my way in life. You can give to me what I need in my life.

Please, Lord, I ask of you to come into my life and offer your grace. I am open to it and ready to accept it. Allow my heart to always be focused on You and make my desire to live for You. Lord, I know from the scripture that your grace is bestowed no matter what, so I just ask for it today. I may not always be perfect, but I strive to be better. Lord, help me be better. Help me see the clear, narrow path in front of me so I can walk in your ways and in your glory. In your name,

Oh Most Merciful God, hear my cry and look to me with your merciful eyes. I may not be worthy of your presence Lord, but I strip myself of all connection to fleshly desires and bind myself to you. Father, show mercy upon me and stretch your hand towards me in time of need. Please, do not forsake me, hear me when I call, heal me of my pains, and set me up to live and proclaim your glory. Amen.

Christ my Savior, your wounds remind me of the suffering I put you through. Have mercy on me and wash me with thy blood and water. Cleanse me and make me whole again. Redeem my soul and make me a vessel of your work that I may testify of your unending mercies every day. I bow to you today asking for your mercy and grace to fill my cup that I may want no more from the earthly things. Amen.

Dear God, I come to you as a sinner who is undeserving of your grace and presence. I repent all my sins and ask you to forgive me so that my request may be heard by you. Lord, have mercy on me and fill me with your grace. Wash me with the blood of your son Jesus Christ that I may shine and walk unashamed. I ask for your favor from this moment to the end of the day. I thank you, for you are faithful. Amen.

Father Lord, I understand that the purpose of our existence as a believer is to win more souls into the Kingdom. Give me the grace to preach the good news of your words to the unbelievers. Through your Mercy, help them come to the realization of you, let them know that you and you alone is God overall.

Lord God by your Grace and Mercy, help me have a forgiving spirit. I understand that the nature of man is a brutal one, but help your Holy Spirit to grow in me that I will forgive every one that has committed an atrocity against me.

Lord God, I pray that you enhance me to grow old in you. Give me the grace not to be shaken by the signs and distraction of this end time. Help me Lord to gainfully attain my heavenly citizen through Christ Jesus.

Dear God, I am asking that Your grace and mercy would continue to follow me all the days of my life, as You have promised in You Word. Teach me to understand Your ways and grant me wisdom I pray, to live my life in a way that is pleasing and honouring to You.
Thank You, that You are my Shepherd and how I praise You for Your day-by-day provision and for the comfort and joy that You have brought into my life.
Thank You for always being there for me, to lead and to guide, to protect and to comfort, even when I falter and fail. Thank You for Your rod of discipline and Your staff of comfort, which have proved to be such a solace in time of need.
Grant me Your mercy and grace to live my life to the full, and to carry out the work and witness that You have prepared for me to do. Refresh my soul and revive my spirit with streams in the desert, and continue to pour out Your bountiful grace and never-failing mercy, which is new every morning, great is Your faithfulness, praise Your holy name. In Jesus' name I pray,