Prayer For Good Work Day

Lord Jesus, as I enter this workplace,
I bring Your presence with me.
I speak Your peace, Your grace, and Your perfect order into the atmosphere of this office.
I acknowledge Your Lordship over all that will be spoken, thought, decided and accomplished within these walls.

Lord Jesus, I thank You for the gifts You have deposited in me.
I do not take them lightly, but commit to using them responsibly and well.
Give me a fresh supply of truth and beauty on which to draw as I do my job.

Anoint my creativity, my ideas, my energy so that even my smallest task may bring You honor.
Lord, when I am confused, guide me. When I am weary, energize me.
Lord, when I am burned out, infuse me with the light of Your Holy Spirit.

May the work that I do and the way I do it bring hope, life, and courage to all that I come in contact with today.
And, oh Lord, even in this day's most stressful moment, may I rest in You.
In the name of Jesus my savior I pray.

Dear Father,

I give you this day, may your spirit be at work in me. Clear the mix of dreams and thoughts from my mind and help me to embrace everything that you have for me today. I give you the mental and physical tiredness I can feel and ask for your life to flow though me. May your hope stir in those who are close to me and bring joy into their hearts. May your love cause me to find new energy, ideas and solutions throughout the day. And may your truth allow me to stay on track and walk confidently in all that I do.

Father, I give you this day.


Lord, I'm going to work now.

It seems like it was just an hour ago I was waking up and getting ready to do my work. One day seems to run into the next. So I pray that today you would show me something new, teach me something new, and let me do something new that will be constructive, will help someone else, and will glorify you.

Lord, I'm going to sweat now.
It isn't like living in the Garden of Eden. But I know that in the field of this world I can honor you in my work. I know that today I will face challenges and probably some frustrations. Help me know how to respond to any bad attitudes or influences I may encounter. Let me see how I can be a positive influence where I work. Sanctify my own attitude, raise me above my own fallen nature, empower me to uphold righteous values, and help me to persevere, especially when the work is hard.

Lord, I'm going to serve now.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a blessing to someone else today in the work I do. You have created this world and everybody and everything in it. Help me see how I can bring your light and life to someone else today. Grant me wisdom to make good choices throughout the day. Prompt me to be compassionate toward the unemployed and the underemployed. I want to conduct myself according to the character of Jesus. And whatever I do, I want to do it in his name and for his sake.


Dear Lord,as I arise

And bend my knee to pray

I ask please place your guiding hand

Upon this busy day

All my yesterdays are said and done

Tomorrow may never be

But I give you full reign over this day

To make the best of me

May each little word I speak

Be filtered through your love

May all my thoughts be connected

To the heavenly courts above

And use my feet to take me

To where you want me to be

Guard my eyes that they would only

See what you want me to see

Give me a heart that longs to show

Others the way back home

And with these two hands help me

Fashion glory for your throne

From the great expanse of eternity

One day is all I can borrow

So help me Lord to take care of today

And we'll talk again tomorrow Amen

Lord, our God, we pray in thanksgiving for your great mercy and for your enduring compassion towards us and all of your creatures. Assure us, guide us and grant us confidence to do your will, especially in our roles in Catholic health care. Help us to understand and respect the vulnerability and fragility of the persons we serve in our ministry as well as the associates with whom we serve. We pray, trusting in your loving kindness. Amen.

O Lord, my God,
Creator and Ruler of the universe,
it is Your Will that human beings accept the duty of work.
May the work I do bring growth in this life to me
and those I love and help to extend the Kingdom of Christ.
Give all persons work that draws them to You
and to each other in cheerful service.
I unite all my work with the Sacrifice of Jesus
in the Mass that it may be pleasing to You and give You
I beg Your Blessing upon all my efforts.
With Saint Joseph as my example and guide,
help me to do the work You have asked
and come to the reward You have prepared.

Creator God who sees me,

As I start my work, I give it to you.

I submit to you the difficulties and problems I will encounter in it, the outcome and fruit of the work, the timing and nature of success. I submit to you the desires in me that will taint my work my selfish ambitions, my ego, my fear of failure, my temptations to try to prove myself and my worth, my focus on the praise of men and my fear of others' opinions of me and my work for you, my impatience, my laziness, my avoidance habits of work or things I can escape by it, all the anxious and busy thoughts that distract me. I give these all to you. I thank you that I can focus on my work in peace knowing you take care of all these things in the background as I go. Thank you for one more workday of knowing your goodness to me.

I thank you and praise you for the work I have to do today.

I thank you for the ability to do it skillfully. I thank you for satisfaction I can find in it, and for giving me a contributing hand in the good you do for the world through it. I thank you for your provision to me and those I love through this work; I trust you that I am amply supplied. I thank you for the people I work with and serve. I ask you to help me work as an example to them, and to see them as you do. I pray you make this place of work a place of worship.

May my work today be for your worship, and the good of your creation. Redefine my idea of success for today. Make me a better worker. Let me experience more of you through the process. I ask you for your blessing on my efforts today, and success in the work.

In your name, Jesus,


Father, thank you for all the ways you've blessed me, specifically with this job that pays my bills and puts food on my table. Thank you that ALL work has significance because work is good. Help me bring you glory today, through my actions, my words, through the good work I do to bring order to my little corner of the world. Help me view my work as a blessing and not a curse. Give me grace and strength for the hardest aspects of my job. In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.