Prayer For Good News

God, my Fortress, I am on my knees to intercede for my loved one. Keep them safe. I do not know their condition right now, but You do. Father, protect them from harm and be their portion and shield. Bring news to me of their safety for my comfort. Do not let anyone or anything endanger them but instead give them supernatural security. Give them their daily bread by taking care of their needs day by day. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Father God,

Come enfold me, heart, mind, body and soul. I feel so scared that the health test will bring bad news. I need your presence. Please come Holy Spirit. I know that your love for me displayed through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, is enough to hold me. You are with me, I am safe with you and you dwell within me.

Thank you Lord.


As I wait, I rest in you, I lean into your grace, I pull up the covers of love and I lay my head on the pillow of your hope.

I pray for good news, yet I shelter in this place,
For under your Almighty presence I know that I am safe.
Thank you that no matter what the outcome may be, you promise peace.


Jesus, my Savior, thank You for how You have directed my life to this point. As I wait to hear back from my college application, I ask that You help me to trust You in all aspects of my life. May it come back with a positive result. Lead me to where I can be a light that shines for You. Grant me acceptance into this college so that I can be salt and light for You. Your will be done, Lord. I will serve You in all places. Amen.

All-Powerful Father, You know I have been waiting for this loan to be approved and that I need it to move forward with this plan. I pray that all documents are reviewed carefully. I ask that it would be approved according to Your will and if it is not that I would have the trust that it will work out for something better. May those whose responsibility it is to approve this loan realize that I am a worthwhile investment. I entrust this into Your hands. Amen.

Loving Father, I confess my great feelings of anxiety, sometimes the intensity of my stress is overwhelming. I know in my mind that you are with me, I know that your love encompasses all that I feel, that your peace fills me when I submit these things to you. So I draw near to you. Please still the circles of my thoughts. Help me to take each one captive now and allow your great love and grace to cover me. Lord, I lay before you all the circumstances I face and ask for your Spirit to move in these things to bring change, healing and restoration. Thank you that you are the one in whom I shelter, you are the home in which I rest and you are the arms of love around me. I love you. Amen.

Dear Lord, I wait, I hope, I dwell in this place of expectancy, not alone but with you at my side. Father, please come and calm my mind and still my thoughts with truth and life. You are all that I need, for here I can lean into you and find rest. Lord, guard my mind, fill it with heavenly hope and my soul with a peace that surpass understanding. I pray for good news, news that brings release and freedom for me. Yet I know that you are the good news! That in you I have found the greatest treasure, the safest harbour, the most beautiful sanctuary. So I wait, I hope, I dwell with you. Amen.

Dear God,

Thank you for giving us the Bible, a book full of Good News, in this troubled world

I look to you Oh lord, for Guidance, Protection, Love, Forgiveness, Mercy, and More

This morning, I must face the world, with your word, from the Bible, your spirit that

lives in me, and your mighty hand upon my life.

God, I ask for word of good news today, in all areas of my life, and the lives of all around

me. Thank you for your blessings, in Jesus name Amen.