Prayer For Good Grades

Dear God please help me in my time of need. Give me the strength and knowledge to succeed. I really want to pass this semester in English and math with a B. I have a test and a essay to turn in. Please help me to get good grades and remember what I need when taking the test. I really want to transfer to a university from community college. Please send me your guidance. In your name I pray. Amen

Loving God
be with me now,
as I prepare for my exams.

Thank you for the many talents and gifts you have,
given me and for the opportunity of education.

Calm my nerves and anxiety, help me
to remember all that I have studied,
to express it clearly and to answer the questions
the very best I can.

Holy Spirit, sit with me in my exam
- and always.

Lord God,
Thank you for this opportunity to learn new skills and stretch my understanding.
Thank you for guiding me through this time of study into the final exams.
I lay before you all the hopes and fears I have about the outcome.
May you place a peace within me now as I rest and await the results.
Thank you that I am safely held in your love.
Thank you that whatever happens in the future I will live in your goodness and walk with you always.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You today that my kids are delivered from darkness and are living in the kingdom of Your dear Son. I declare and speak light into the eyes of their understanding today. They are taught of the Lord and hear the voice of the mighty Holy Spirit who teaches them how to excel in all things.

I remove the spirit of fear and confusion from them and declare truth to be revealed to them todaystraight from heaven. I speak the end from the beginning and declare complete success over the entire school year. I thank You that other believers are crossing their paths to be used as instruments of Your kindness and love for them in every way. I settle this by Your Word. In the Name of Jesus I pray and believe! Amen.

Heavenly Father,

Only your peace can sustain me through the anxiety and stresses of exam nerves. Your peace surpasses all understanding. I ask for this gift and choose to lean upon you at this time.
Lord, come and remind me of your unfailing love.
Remind me that you hold me safe, you understand me, and you cherish me.
I lay down my fears before you.
I leave them at the foot of the cross, for you have overcome the world.
I choose to give you all my concerns, worries and fears of failure.

I trust that your loving hand will hold me through these exams and lead into a bright future.



I pray that you would help me pass this exam. Thank you for your guidance in leading me to this study and for sustaining me as I have worked for this qualification. I ask now that your spirit would lead me. Come sharpen my thinking and help me to excel in this test of my learning and understanding. May I be able to recall everything I need from my studies and answer each question well.


Dear God,

I am praying because I am asking for your help once again. The last time I asked for your help, you heard my prayers and graced me with an A on the exam. I am asking for your help once again for the results of my biochem exam. It was a very difficult exam, but I have faith in the Lord. I promise I will always be a good student and I will continuously strive to be a better version of myself.

Lord, hear my prayer.


Dear God,

I really need you right now and I'm praying really hard that you will answer my prayers. I just want to thank you for answering my prayers all the time and for guiding me. I thank you for giving me a good family and friends to support me during my hardships. I've experienced debt a few months ago and thank you so much helping me pay all of it. I really need help with my marks in school. I tried my best in school but I feel like it wasn't enough. I learned my lesson to work harder. I got my final mark for my major in University but I didn't make the cut to second year. I've been praying to help me guide me through this process. Today, I discovered that that I can do something about it to get the mark. The school can change my mark but it depends on their decision. It's not guaranteed but I'm willing to take the chance. Please PSH pray for me. All I want is too continue second year next school year for my major. I just want a B in my major course for first year. I worked so hard and all I can do right now is believe in the lord and pray hard that my prayer will be granted. I love you God and I'll leave it in your hands. Amen.