Prayer For God To Take Control Of A Situation

God of the Universe, I come to You filled with emotions. Please take control of my life and change the situation I am facing. I can't do this by myself, and I need You to take over. Lord, I want to take Your hand and follow You. I need You to go first, and I will use Your footsteps to move forward. I need You to lead this situation, so I know I am following Your perfect will. I want things to change from how they are now, and only You can bring about that change. Show me the direction and path for my life. In Jesus' loving name, I pray. Amen.

All-Powerful Father, I pray that You would take my current circumstances into Your hands and lift them off my shoulders. I need You to help me with the legal issues I'm facing and keep me away from trouble. Intervene where You see fit. Be with those who will make decisions about my future, my well-being, and consequences, whatever they may be. Forgive me where I have failed You. Give me the courage to persevere through this. When a challenge stands in my path, fill my mouth with Your words so that I may benefit from the peaceful tone You provide me with. Help me to avoid conflict during this time and keep me focused on Your word. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

O God, my strength, shield my life with Your deliverance, guidance, and control and remove me from my desperation and hopelessness. Take my life and rearrange it so that it fits Your idea of a faithful child. I know that if I am in Your perfect will, all my other problems will be resolved and these despairing times will fade. Give me thoughts of Your glory, constantly paint pictures of heaven in my mind, and fill my heart with wonderful images of the future. Take my despair and turn it around. Use it for Your glory and make me stronger because of it. In Your Son's name, I pray. Amen.

Lord, my Refuge, please use every ounce of Your mighty power to protect me. I need Your sustaining hands to dress me in Your complete armor, so I can be guarded at all times. Send Your army of angels to defend my body, mind, heart, and soul. Demand that the enemy turn in the opposite direction of my footsteps and guide me through each day. Let Your Holy Spirit surround me with an invisible force of divinity so that all unholiness will be useless against me. God, please keep me safe. In Jesus' loving name, I pray. Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father, I know that above all else, love is most important. I don't want to lose this relationship I hold so dear to my soul, and I need You to help my heart. Intercede with a miracle. Help our relationship stay strong and fill it with kindness and understanding. Keep the love that we have between us remain woven tightly around Your foundations so that our thoughts are always centered on You. Use Your mighty power to reign over our love and keep it strong. Please pour on layers of miraculous intervention so that what You've blessed us with will last forever. In Jesus' precious name, I pray. Amen.

Gracious Father, please fill my body with Your Holy Spirit and give me a renewal of life. Bring healing where it needs to be found and give me the strength to push through this trying time in my life. Use Your righteous words to promote wellness, health, and vitality in my body and mind. Take my thoughts into Your hands and fill them with positivity and optimism. Restore me and release me from these chains that pull at my feet. Lift these heavy burdens off my shoulders and breathe sweet songs of grace into my soul. In Your Son's name, I pray. Amen.

Jesus, my Savior, I ask that You intervene in the midst of all my problems. Life is so challenging right now, and I need You. I need You night and day to comfort me, show me Your ways, and give me direction. Bring solutions into my life that only You can provide. I am full of worry and dismay, and I want that erased. Take fearful thoughts out of my mind, take away my stress about everything, and force me to lay my problems at Your feet. Jesus, I need solutions, and I can't find them on my own. Please use Your powerful, mighty hands to break my chains and bring peace to my heart and mind. In Your powerful name, I pray. Amen.

O God Enthroned on High, I know the depths of Your love and power, and I believe You're involved in all aspects of our lives. As Your child, I ask that You step into my life and take control. In places where I have taken the power away from You, I need You to take it back. Give me complete guidance and show me what to do. I need You making all the decisions. Provide my thoughts for me, place words in my mouth, and take hold of everything in my life with a firm grasp, so that all situations, all people, and all challenges in my path are held by You. Intercede now. I beg this of You with all that is inside me. In Jesus' holy name, I pray. Amen.