Prayer For Girlfriend

Heavenly Father you know how broken my heart is. I feel hurt, abandoned, angry, confused and tormented. Lord, come into my heart and heal it. Touch every part of me that is broken and aching. Heal the hurt of my husband/wife betraying me. Heal the hurt of my husband/wife lying to me. Lord I have so many hurts please heal them all. Lord, give me wisdom. I'm not sure what to do. As you speak to me give me the courage to follow through.

Lord, give me new direction. I know with you all things are possible. I would ask that you would show my husband/wife the wrong he/she has done. Show him/her the pain he/she has caused. Convict him/her. Turn his/her heart around to want to do right. Give him/her a new heart. Lord, I am asking that you would heal our marriage. I know with you all things are possible. I pray my husband/wife would be willing.

In the name of Jesus I now pull down this demonic spirit of ADULTERY it has NO POWER over me, my spouse and our marriage. SATAN get your hands off of our marriage in Jesus name! I now claim healing, restoration, love and forgiveness over our marriage, our family and our relationship. I now confess that Satan's powers are broken and Jesus rules and reigns over our marriage. I now claim complete restoration in our relationship.

Lord, I cannot forgive him/her. I feel so much anger, hate and bitterness. Lord, I allow YOU to forgive him/her through me. Lord, during this time I ask that you would fill me with your love. You have never abandoned me. You have never forsaken me. I put my trust completely in you. Hold my hand as I walk this difficult journey. Send angels to minister to me.

In Jesus name I pray.


May your blessings come in bulk. May your good news be heard from every corner of the world. Good morning, beautiful.

I pray to God every day; may He bless the one who makes my heart leap for joy every morning. Have a blissful day, my love.

May God's blessings abound to you in every little way. May you taste and see His goodness every time you kneel to pray to Him. Amen. Happy birthday to you.

May God decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching you with wishes of success, happiness, joy and prosperity for you. Wishing you a super duper happy birthday.

Almighty God, maker of Heaven and earth I come before you today and I give You all the praise and glory.

I pray for your forgiveness upon us as we are not always perfect in the things we do every day.
I thank you for the many things You have done in our lives. I thank You for Your mercy and grace, Your teachings, I thank You for Your endless love and I thank You for Your blessings which is poured out everyday upon each and every living soul on this land.
I also thank You for the special gift you have given to us and that is the gift of sharing the love between a man and a woman.
Lord I pray that you keep my girlfriend safe, and most importantly I pray that she stops seeing other men and to be faithful to only me as I love her so much.
Please Lord help her change, and I pray for these other men to also be faithful to their wives and stop seeing my girlfriend anymore.
This my prayer to you Heavenly Father, please help me.
In Jesus mighty name I offer my prayer.

Lord I ask you to heal my relationship with my girlfriend, Grace. I have not always been the best boyfriend to her and I have wronged her in many ways. By your mercy and grace, please forgive me for all of these wrongs.

I pray to you lord to remove the mountains that stand between the both of us. I pray to you lord to allow us to gain in maturity and to find the solutions that you will make for us. I pray to you lord to soften her heart so that she can see that I truly love her with everything that I have. I pray to you to allow us to start communicating and spend time with each other once again. I pray to you to allow us to be in each other's heart and mind and to long for each other once again. I pray to you to make her realise that she misses me in my absence from her life. I pray to you lord to make the both of us not demand our own ways but to come up with a plan together that would fit the both of us. I pray to you to allow us to recognise and resist temptation. I pray to you to give me the strength and patience to wait and to have faith that all things are possible through Christ and that there is no relationship beyond you.

In jesus name I pray, Amen.

With a grateful heart, I come before your throne of grace, my Heavenly Father. With a voice full of thanks and praises, I declare that You're the King over all that is in existence, including the loving woman You have made me to have as my girlfriend.

Everything about her is beautiful, just as you purposed. She is an evidence that You give good and perfect gifts to those You love. I thank You, for providing me with the heart to learn how to love her as You do.Dear Lord, I thank You for also giving her an amazing heart for You, which by extension, loves and cares for me.

No matter what my past seems to look like, her coming into my life has made me a new person, someone who desires to be a better man that suits her godliness. It has not been an easy decision, but her encouragement and loving have pulled me through the difficult stages of my renewal. Father, You chose her to complement the weak aspects of my life.

It is a privilege to count me a blessed man without my being worth the favour. Therefore, Lord, I request that this good work which You've started in my life, become perfected according to Your will. Increase my girlfriend (mention her name), and solidly keep us in one mind and with one goal, which is to please You through our relationship.

Help us not to bring shame to your glorious name, rather, use us as instruments to reconcile men to You. As we draw closer to You, may the bond we share become deeper and more meaningful toward a defined future. I have prayed, believing that You've answered me,

In Jesus' Name. Amen.