Prayer For Girl Scouts

O Lord God almighty, May there be peace in celestial regions. May there be peace on earth.
May the waters be appeasing. May herbs be wholesome, and may trees and plants bring
peace to all. May all beneficent beings bring peace to us. May your Vedic Law propagate peace
all through the world. May all things be a source of peace to us. And may your peace itself
bestow peace on all.

Dear Father in Heaven, we know we are your children, we want to serve you faithfully, and we
want to keep our Girl Scout Promise. Help us to listen to your voice; help us to be willing and
quick to do your work; help us to be friendly and loving; and help us to thank you every day
for all your gifts to us. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN

Dear Jesus, we ask you to bless us and all other Girl Scouts. Give us grace to serve you and
our country and to keep our Girl Scout Promise and Law. Make us humble and friendly, eager
for adventure, alert and prepared for service. Give us the courage to dare to do right; make us
both strong to fight and steadfast to endure; and may our lives be filled with joy that spreads
happiness everywhere. AMEN

O, Lord, our God, we ask Thy blessing upon us and upon our sister Girl Scouts. Give us
strength of character and of purpose so that we may fulfill our Promise and faithfully obey
our Law. Teach us to understand that by living up to the ideals of our Movement we are
helping to build a better tomorrow for ourselves and all people. AMEN

Dear Lord, We are calling upon you today for your divine guidance and help to make this Investiture a success and we also need a supporting hand to keep us from the temptation of the devil. We ask that you guide us with your infinite wisdom to show us the right way to a properly and orderly mannered Investiture.

This we ask of you through Christ our Lord

Go in peace and let your hearts be gay,
Go in peace, now at the close of the day.
In friendship we part, and until we meet again,
God bless and keep you, Girl Scouts, Amen.

Lord, help us to be good Girl Scouts
Ones whom the world can trust,
Help us respect our neighbor's rights
And never be unjust.

Help us as Americans
To be worthy of the flag we bear.
Then help us as real Girl Scouts
To be proud of the uniform we wear.

Help us to be clean, Dear Lord,
In thought, word, and deed
And help us to follow the law
That is in the Girl Scout creed.

Teach us to love our fellow man
And then to serve him, too
Help our actions to count, Dear Lord,
In everything we do.

Give us strength to carry on
And do our part each day,
Make a place in this world for us
And help us fill it, I pray.

Make us what we ought to be
And in Thy footsteps fall,
Help us to live for others
O great Scout Leader of us all.

Almighty Father, hope of all the earth, hear my humble prayer. You are my God, I Thank You.My God, I Praise You. Grant that I may progress today in your love as I do good turn for others and live the Girls Scout promise and Law. Give me the joy of Your help that I may have the courage, strength, and grace to meet life's challenges. A pure heart create for me and pour out your spirit on me that I may discover my fullest potential so that I may be of service to You, to my country and fellowmen for Your greater glory. Amen.