Prayer For Fruit Of The Womb

Oh Lord, I command every fertility related sickness in the body or blood of my wife, whether fibroid, pelvic inflammation disease'(PID), ovarian cyst, fallopian tube blockage, any other chronic STDs or STIs whatever your names are I command you to disappear from my wife's body in Jesus name.

Oh Lord, in the beginning, your declaration to mankind was to be fruitful, to multiply, and replenish the earth,I stand by your word this day and I declare my fruitfulness in Jesus name.

My father, my father, bypass all protocols and bless me with my (mention the sex you want) and have it in Jesus name Amen.

Touch your womb, mention the blood of Jesus 21 times, command anything done to stop or delay your pregnancy to scatter and release your pregnancy now.

O God, I praise You for taking Your rightful place in my place.

O God, I praise You for taking Your rightful place in my place.

Loving Father, I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I thank and praise You that You knew me before I was conceived by my mother. You formed and knitted me together and breathed life into me.
Father, You told Your children to be fruitful and multiply and I long to carry my own child in my womb and hold my own precious babe in my arms, but I have not yet conceived and this grieves me deeply.
Loving Lord, I know that You have scheduled every day of my life, and I pray that in Your goodness and grace You will enable me to conceive and bring into the world a little one that I may give back to You, just as Hannah gave her Samuel back into Your care.
Look down in love and pity me my barren womb and breath into me the breath of life, which was breathed into man at creation. Fill me to the fullness of Your joy so that I may bring forth a little baby.
I ask this in Jesus' name,

Heavenly Father, You are the Giver of life and children are a heritage from the Lord and a precious gift from our Father in heaven, to be nurtured in the truth of God's Word and to be raised in an atmosphere of holy reverence and godly love.
We pray for those that desire to have a baby in their lives, and ask that You would look with grace on the deep desire of their heart.
Father, Your Word says, the fruit of your womb will be blessed, and we pray this prayer for all who long to have a child. We pray that You would open the womb of those that desire this precious gift of life. This we ask in Jesus' name,