Prayer For Family Day Celebration

Dear Lord God, You created balance. The night to follow the day. The sea to touch the earth. All the wonderful animals, fish and birds. You are the great creator of variety and diversity. Thank you that you made us all to be unique and reflect your love. Come draw our family together in all it's wonder and beauty. Help us to love and respect each other. Show us how to support and encourage one another. Inspire us to work together to become a picture full of your perfect love. Amen.

O God, Heavenly Father, it was part of Thine eternal decree that Thine only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the human race, should form a holy family with Mary, His blessed mother, and His foster father, Saint Joseph. In Nazareth, home life was sanctified, and a perfect example was given to every Christian family. Grant, we beseech Thee, that we may fully comprehend and faithfully imitate the virtues of the Holy Family so that we may be united with them one day in their heavenly glory. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

Father God, Thank you so much for bringing us all here together today. Thank you for the wonderful blessing of family. Thank you for the similarities we have and the differences we enjoy. Thank you for the wisdom of age and the energy of youth. Thank you for the way you watch over us as individuals and the way you release your love into us as a unit. Come bless our time together. Amen.

Lord, we thank you for our family For the talents and good things that you have given each of us Please guide us, protect us and equip us This day and every day As we grow together in Your love Amen.

Lord God, I give you all the members of our family. You know them all so well and love them all. I ask that you would cover us with a rainbow of hope. Hope that draws us together to work out our differences. Hope that helps us to celebrate together and care for one another. Hope that rides like a banner in our lives and watches over us wherever we go. Hope that overcomes adversity and gathers strength to overcome. Hope that guides us and gives us vision for our future alone and together. Hope filled with love. Hope that fuels faith. Hope that breathes peace. May our family live in you Underneath your promises. Amen.

Abba Father, As a people who dwell in the shelter of the Most high, we praise you for being our refuge. Lord, there is safety for us in the shelter of your wings. We thank you for our mountain top experiences of your grace which have strengthened our faith and given us hope for the future.

As we continue to walk with you on life's journeysthrough the valleys as well as on the mountain topsdraw near to us so that that we might dwell forever in your presence.

Generous God, you have blessed us with life. You have placed us in families giving us a place to call home.

On this family day weekend we think about our own families. We thank you for our parents who gave us life, our family members who have shared and enriched our lives and with whom we share many memories

We thank you Heavenly Father for setting the solitary in families. But, we are also mindful that for some of us the word Family brings mixed emotions or heartachesome of us have experienced much pain within our family relationshipsPeople who should have loved us and cared for us have failed usSome of us feel the pain of abandonment, of abuse, of neglectof heartbreaking loss, the pain of disappointed hopes and missed expectations, the pain of alienation from loved ones. Have mercy on us Lord, and minister to us your healing grace even in the messiness of our family relationships.

Father, today we pray for those who long to be married and have their own childrenfor childless couples who long to be parentshear and answer the desires and prayers of their hearts. We pray for those that are in the midst of parenting infants, children, and young people. Give them wisdom, courage and stamina in raising their children to be well-adjusted citizens of the world, with a real desire to love and serve you.

We thank you for our St. Andrew's church family todayanother family to which we belongone branch of the body of Christwith almost 200 years of family history! Remind us of our commitment as a church to provide for and participate in the spiritual nurture of our children and young people. Continue to bless us, encourage us and keep us faithful to your call to share the good news of Jesus with everyone.

Prince of Peace, we continue to lift up the needs of our own broken world in the turmoil that surrounds usWe ask you to give wisdom, discernment and courage to elected representatives in government. We pray for people who are very anxious about what the future holds for them. For those who feel powerless to effect decisions that will have a direct impact on their lives. Remind us, that although we do not know what the future holds we know that you hold the futureand give us your peace. In Jesus' name we pray. AMEN

O Loving God,
bless our family with your love.
Guard us from all danger and harm;
deliver us from anger that leads to division;
empower us to forgive as we have been forgiven;
and send us into the world
to witness to your love and grace;
in the name of Jesus Christ we pray.

Heavenly Father, we are gathered here today to celebrate the joy of being with our families.

We thank you for blessing us with happiness, health and love.

We thank you for making this event possible through your generosity and benevolence.

May we share love, become united and be a blessing as well to other families.

May we pass forward the Divine Spirit that has guided us through all the years;

And allow other families to share goodness and camaraderie in this activity.

May you bless the organizers and proponents of this momentous event that the goals they have set would all be achieved.

May you bless the hands that prepared this sumptuous food that they could share the same blessings to others.

Grant that all families participating in this occasion and even those at home would feel your presence through positive interaction and togetherness.

Grant that each family member sees you in everyone they meet.

As we go back home, may we take home with us the abundance of your generosity and love, so that we could spread these virtues in our daily lives.

This way we can be proponents of peace for those around us and eventually be an instrument of peace and unity in the world.

All this we ask in your Mighty Name.