Prayer For Euthanized Pet

Beloved God, Help me to understand that you are/were with me, by my side, helping me to make the
humane decision to end the suffering of my beloved pet. Help me to forgive myself, as you forgive me
lovingly each day for my shortcomings, knowing my heart. Help me to understand that it is good and
noble to have the courage to face such a difficult decision and to make them despite how much it hurts
to do so. Help me to realize that, as my decision was made from love, there is no reason for me to hang
onto the heavy burden of guilt that I feel at times. Help me to realize that, as you have sent us our
beloved pets to be our guardians, we are their guardians in return and are responsible for their every
need - including their need to be free of pain and suffering. Help me to realize that our life together was
a blessing from you and that is you who called them home to Heaven, and that I only took them to the
door, where you gratefully and lovingly welcomed them home. Amen.

Beloved Lord, Bless this dear one that has given so much love for so long. Bless them, that they are given
comfort as their time draws near; that they are able to stay in their home with their familiar things and
with their human family, that they so love until that time comes. We pray that although they are aging
now and draw closer to their time left here in this physical world, that they would be free from pain and
suffering and that they will continue to feel joy and our love. We ask your blessings that when the time
comes that are called home, that each day left with us is one of quiet love and peaceful companionship.
We thank you for the time you have given us with our pet and for your grace in allowing our pet to stay
so long here on this earth and to richly bless our lives. In Jesus name, we thank you and ask these things.

Beloved merciful Lord, we know that in nature you do not allow your creatures to suffer. As you have
allowed us the utmost generous gift of your creatures into our lives, we ask that we are able to keep
them from suffering in pain. Bless us with understanding to know when our pet is hurting, because we
as humans cannot always know. Our pets cannot tell us with words and sometimes we are so busy in
our lives that we do not see the signs of pain. Teach us to be more sensitive to our pet's needs. Help us
to find the resources to restore health and to keep them from pain. Show us the way Lord, to keep the
sacred trust of dominion over your little ones. Help us to live up to that trust and to honor the life that
you have blessed us with so that they do not live in pain as a result of living with human beings. We ask
this blessing from the sincerity of our hearts and with humility, in Jesus name. Amen.

Heavenly Father, we ask for your mercy that this beloved small creature, which is your own, be not in
pain. We ask that health be restored and sustain if it is your will so that they be allowed to stay with us a
little longer here in this world, where they are needed. We ask that if there is medical care needed, that
the way be provided. We ask that this one does not suffer needlessly. We ask for your compassion and
grace that this one be healed through your love, through your mercy and through the help of those here
on earth, through whom your love comes forth. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy
Spirit, we ask these thing

Dear God, we bring our grief in the loss of (pet's name) to you and ask for the courage to move through our grief. We bring you all our thanks for (pet's name) who we were blessed to have as our precious pet. She/he gave so freely of his/her love to all those who she'd meet. We commit our beloved pet and companion into your loving hands. Surround us with your love and give us others to support us as we mourn.

We honor the memory of our precious pet with the warm light of this candle, sending to all our beloved pets a message of peace and love. We, as pet caregivers, bring our loss and sorrow to this place and together we ask that day by day our grief will be lessened. Each day let us continue to see how the relationship we had with our beloved pet still impacts our lives today.

We gather today joining hearts as we honor the loss of our beloved pet (pet's name) who made our days and our lives more enjoyable. Someday we hope to meet with you again (pet's name) in eternity with hugs, kisses and tears. We miss your daily presence and unending love in our daily lives. Death ends a life but our relationship still lives on in my heart and in my memory of times we spent together. You are now free running the fields where we will meet again. You are restored to complete health. You are in God's loving care forever.

Heavenly Father, I had to face a decision that I never thought I could make. I had to have my beloved pet euthanized. What a struggle to come to this decision. What anxiety and grief I feel. And now there is the guilt.

Father God, this decision was not made with haste. I believe that You are the giver and taker of life. I have never before had to place myself in this position. I made this choice with great love and compassion in my heart.

Almighty God, I ask for your forgiveness for taking a life and for not waiting on You as I have done with all my other pets. I am glad that we have this option to spare our pets from inhumane suffering and that we are able to give them a peaceful death.

Lord God, I thank You that You have given this means to trusted Veterinarians that mourn an animal's death and that have compassion and understanding for the owner who struggles with this decision.

God of all comfort, I thank You for ministering to me during this procedure and afterward when reality haunted me. I thank You that I did not have to face this alone. I thank You for all the family and friends that granted me solace during my grief. I thank You for a wonderful support system.

Creator God, I thank You in Your wisdom that You have given us companion animals to love. I thank You for my animal's loyalty and faithfulness. I thank You for the rich memories I have to hold onto.

Lord, in Your mercy I have returned my pet to You. In Your mercy I believe You hold him in Your heart for his faithful service to me on earth. I pray that I might have peace of mind and presence of spirit to know that You are indeed in control. I bring my petition before You, in the name of the Good Shepherd. Amen