Prayer For Equality

Father, you have given all peoples one common origin.
It is your will that they be gathered together
as one family in yourself.
Fill the hearts of mankind with the fire of your love
and with the desire to ensure justice for all.
By sharing the good things you give us,
may we secure an equality for all
our brothers and sisters throughout the world.
May there be an end to division, strife and war.
May there be a dawning of a truly human society
built on love and peace.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord.

Ever present God, you called us to be in relationship with one another and promised to dwell wherever two or three are gathered. In our community, we are many different people; we come from many different places, have many different cultures. Open our hearts that we may be bold in finding the riches of inclusion and the treasures of diversity among us. We pray in faith.

May the God who created a world of diversity and vibrancy,
Go with us as we embrace life in all its fullness.

May the Son who teaches us to care for stranger and foreigners,
Go with us as we try to be good neighbors in our communities.

May the Spirit who breaks down our barriers and celebrates community,
Go with us as we find the courage to create a place of welcome for all.

dear, heavenly father,

help us to teach others that we are all created equal and all created by the works of you, please help show that everyone is created uniquely and created for a reason, help the humans of the world bring all of humanity to equal peace,


dear, God

please help other people understand what we are going through to help make the world a better place, help them see that what they think will not help humanity become one, but only distribute and separate all of us, help us become one and forget all the differences,


God of Love Forgive! Forgive!
Teach us how to Truly Live,
Ask us not our race or creed,
Just take us in our hour of need,
And let us know You love us, too,
And that we are A Part of You,
And someday may man realize
That all the earth,
the seas and skies,
Belong to God who made us all,
The rich, the poor,
the great, the small,
And in the Father's Holy Sight,
No man is yellow, black, or white,
And Peace on Earth cannot be found
Until we Meet on Common Ground
And every man becomes a Brother,
Who worships God
and Loves each other.

We are all equal as human beings
Sister and brother
Employer and employee
Chief officer and manual laborer
Equally loved before God.
Yet, our system discriminates based on
And many of God's children are placed into a hierarchy of inequality and discomfort.
We are called to stretch out our arms between the tiny, exclusive tip
and the broad, platform of the masses.
To form a bridge, to create a way
For those made unequal to come together as one in equality, in human dignity.
Loving God, Creator of dignity and all that lives,
Help us be bridges.
Help us cry out for respect and value for all
When society forgets that at in our most basic nature,
We are all God's children. Amen.

Dear God,
We pray for all those in our world suffering from racism, sexism and
religious discrimination.
For the individuals who are silenced for expressing their beliefs.
For the people who feel marginalized within society.
Please help them remain positive despite physical and psychological strife.
Help them to forgive those who persecute them or who fail to treat them
with respect.
Forgive us, Lord, if we consciously or unconsciously share in the conditions
or in a system that perpetuates injustice.
Please enlighten all Your disciples that discrimination does not only come in
the form of lowering others but it demonstrates itself in the process of
granting of privileges to select groups of people as well.
Guide lawmakers and those at the head of government make decisions that
grant all individuals equal status under the law.