Prayer For Doubt And Fear

O God of peace, you have taught us that in Your returning we shall be saved. In quietness and in confidence you will be our strength and our salvation amongst a world of hurt, anguish, worry and fear. By the mighty power of Your spirit, lift us up as we pray to you for rest and reassurance in Your loving arms. May we always know that You are our God, and that Your grace can overcome any fear or worry we may have.

Heavenly Father, this world You created continues down a dark and lonely road, and the anxiety that constricts my mind continues to grow with it. My focus has drifted away from You to constant worrying and self-doubt. I'm afraid of being a failure. I'm afraid of success, and the responsibilities of that. I'm afraid of criticism from others, and of myself. I'm afraid of being alone, and it haunts me. I'm even afraid of becoming a victim of crime, which can also make life debilitating for me. Bring my thoughts back to You, oh Mighty God! Please be the center of my life, my Rock, my Fortress and my Salvation forevermore. Help me not to stray as the sheep of this world, but to focus my eyes and heart upon You.

Most Precious Lord Jesus
Gentle And Wonderful God
Truly Awesome And Ever-present Holy Spirit
I love you.
I honor you.
I reach up to you.
You are the great All in All who sent your Son into the world for me because you love me.
I know you live within me as well as residing in your home in Heaven.
In every moment of my fear, come near me and give me courage as I face my fear as I then find I have nothing to fear after all.
In every moment of my doubt, come near me and give me your sure presence so I will have faith and hope.
In every moment of my insecurity, come near me and place your hand upon me so I will feel secure.
I honor you because you have given me your spirit to drive out all my fear, doubt, and insecurity.
I know, even in my moments of fear, doubt, and insecurity your love continues to pour over me.
Although I do not often have the right words to speak to you, I know you search my heart when my words are feeble and weak.
I am grateful you understand me and love me in spite of my sinful nature.
Help me humbly show your love to the world.
To you I give all praise, honor, and glory.
All these things I humbly pray in the name of my most Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, my Mighty God, and my Ever-present Holy Spirit upon whom I can rely.

Dear Lord, help me to understand that both belief and doubt are verbs and we can have intellectual doubts and intellectual unbelief, but still retain our faith. True belief and faith require us to be a hearer and doer. To truly doubt and disbelieve, we must have both thought and action. Lord, do not let the enemy steal our victory. Praise the Lord and help me to stay in faith by rebutting and replacing the negative thoughts. Lord, I thank you for Mark 9:24, which reinforced that heart-based belief triumphs over intellectual unbelief in spite of our thoughts. Lord, I remain in faith when I move forward in doubt and fear like the disciples. True doubt is taking action on our thoughts. Thank you, Jesus, for breaking through my doors of doubt and unbelief. Jesus was tempted in all ways as we were, with unbelief and doubt. Praise the Lord that you are active and present in our lives, even when we cannot see you, even when we were sinners and rejected you, and even when we didn't believe him. Lord, when we are tempted with condemnation, help us to rest in your grace. Lord, help me to be patient and understand that faith requires a season to grow. Lord, help us to cast out our impatience.

Father, You answered the prayers of Elijah with fire. I ask that you answer me with fire, in the name of Christ Jesus. I dismiss and disband from my heart every thought or image of failure in my life. I recognize that You are more than worthy to receive all glory and honor and praise. I thank You for all that small and big blessings and ask forgiveness for not acknowledging all that You have done. Today, I renew my allegiance and my vows to You and pray for the manifestation of my breakthroughs, in the name of Christ Jesus. I pray You would strengthen my faith and show me every way Satan is distorting the truth. I choose not to be conformed to this world, but choose to be transformed by the renewing of my mind. May I prove the good, acceptable and perfect will of God.

Father, I take my place with Jesus in the heavenlies and declare by faith that all wicked spirits and Satan himself are under my feet. I reject every spirit of doubt, fear, anxiety and discouragement and cancel them from my life in the name of Christ Jesus. Because the blood of Jesus covers me, Satan has no power over my life or anything that pertains to me. Today, I claim the victory You gave me over my life and surrender myself to You as a living sacrifice.

Thank You Father for loving me and for the victory that I will receive.

In Jesus Name Amen.

Dear Lord, I thank you for a new day like this. I thank you for the gift of life, and also for the true love you are showing and nothing can stop you from loving me. Lord, help me to forgive those that will trespass against me today. Teach me to stand strong in you. Let my ways be aligned with yours and let me not deviate from it. Guide me through temptation, do not let me fall into temptation. If there is any way I have doubted you Lord, forgive me. Lord, give me the strength to overcome fear and doubt. Build my faith in you. And let me be strong in you in a way that fear and doubt will have no space. Amen.